I’ve been having way to much fun lately. The online crafty/creative community is so fun and I’ve been discovering fun and neat things everyday. Because of RVA I found Peptogirl, only to be paired up with her for Style School buddies. So of course I ended up ordering some of her fun embroidery patterns. Then I created with them, then I ordered a kit too . . . I’ve discovered FreckledNest and besides being a dork and reading it from the beginning, which took a loooong time, I participated in the super neat pincushion swap. I also found NieNie’s blog poking around LA’s and I can’t believe what a remarkable woman, wife and mother Stephanie is. If you have time her blog is worth the read, especially if you go back to read her struggles recovering from the plane crash they were in.

I secretly mailed my Style School buddy a pin cushion, even though she got a really cool one in the swap. She got this really cute little toadstool mushroom thingie and I was lame and followed the pattern pretty much exactly. Then I had an ‘incident’ while trying to use rick rack (I swear that stuff is out to get me) and discovered it’s wonkiness when I turned it right side out. But I figured ‘oh well’ it was still made with her in mind and I put thought into it so I’d send it off anyway. She emailed me yesterday, it got there, she likes it.

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