Fun mail for kids!

Wesley got some mail today an envelope full of stickers from his friend William!  There was homework assigned as well.  We have to mail stickers back to William and to another boy, THEN we get to pick 6 friends and send some stickers. They’ll do the same thing and send stickers back to us and 7 other children. Wesley was super excited about the stickers he got today, I can’t wait to see how he reacts as mail starts pouring in for him!

Wesley has 2 friends he wants to send stickers to and I thought it might be fun to find some new friends. So if you have a little one in your life who would appreciate some free stickers in the mail, and like putting together some envelopes for other children let me know you’d like to play! I’ll take the first 4 replies. Leave your email, or send me one with the name and address and we’ll send them out over the weekend.  Anyone can play no worries about postage, as long as you don’t mind mailing back to Canada.

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