They say photographing kids and animals is hard,

turns out it’s just as hard to NOT photograph them! Today I asked hubby to take some shots of me so I can send them on over to Wild Olive for her sponsor post. I had an idea for a pose and we set to work making it happen. I had to sit on the floor and Nate thinks it’s hilarious when I do that. He also thinks I’m his personal chair. We had some trouble getting shots around him. Here are some outtakes.

9 Responses to They say photographing kids and animals is hard,

  1. These are sooo much fun! I’m so glad you shared them!

  2. I love your face in the second one :)

  3. the fabric was going to tip!!! the fabric!!! hence the chin on pile of fabric shot in the other picture followed by the hysterical giggly shot!

  4. Oh, these look like you had so much fun!

  5. these are so fun. you should just use this whole thing!

  6. Hi Tara,

    Glad I found you tonight. Very inspirational blog. Love the repurposed stuf, esp. the tea wreath, good for us non-christians (Jewish!). My latest was great hat and a sweet fox over at Selena’s house (apronthriftgirl) on Labor day. Fun, fun! (ps I teach hs math when not running, dreaming, crafting, and carting!)

  7. Hi Tara, thanks for vsiting. It is a small world — 2 Canadian Tara’s each with 2 little boys. However, I do believe your sewing skills are much better than mine. Lovely blog.

  8. Love the outtakes! Super cute! Can’t wait to see the ones you used.

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