Prepare to die from cuteness.

I guess with that title I could use this spot to show off my new kitten. Instead I’ll talk about the fabric that arrived the other day. You may be thinking to yourself, “Sheesh Tara can’t possibly make a ton of money selling on Etsy since she spends so much buying on Etsy”. You would be correct.

But look closely at this cloud fabric, honestly, are you dying of cuteness yet?!

I also got this fun little bonus.

Gotta love generous Etsy sellers! In other new I think it’s time I start a support group and seek out others like me who are addicted to Japanese fabrics.

8 Responses to Prepare to die from cuteness.

  1. *thud*.

    I die from cuteness OD.

  2. Please count me in if you are setting up a support group for those who are addicted to Japanese fabrics.
    And I think I need one for Japanese craft books addicts too ;))

  3. Doh, that’s ridiculous…ly CUTE. Where did you buy it from? :}

  4. Lol, very cute!

  5. It would be irresponsible of me to tell you all where I got it, I’d just be enabling your habit. I’d be like a dealer.
    Oh, ok I’ll update the post with the shop link.

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  7. That’s funny! I was thinking of how addicted I am to cute fabric yesterday! I had to talk myself down from a huge order of $150 of Kokka fabric. I ended up with a $30 set of fat quarters instead of the yards and yards of fabric I really wanted! :(

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