Score 37 to 7

Ok I had a minute a few moments ago to let my mind wander while ‘guggling’ Nate on the couch and watching Thomas (yet again). For some silly reason I got thinking about how much of our furniture arrived in a box, all flat. So I got counting.

There are 35 pieces in our house that came in a box flat. Over 30 of them are from IKEA. I’m not sure if that’s an accomplishment or just sad.

There are only 7 things that didn’t come in a box and most of them have good reason
– an old cedar chest I got from my Grandfather
– my over-a-hundred-year-old piano
– an end table my mother in law built
– a fish tank stand my hubby built
– our couch (1 piece but from IKEA)
– an ottoman (came from IKEA, perhaps in a box, definitely a bag)
– my son’s dresser that used to be my hubby’s

When we moved into our house 4 years ago and needed to furnish it we just sort of went to IKEA and figured we’d get ‘real’ stuff later. I wonder when later is :/

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