The kind of project I’m not so good at.

So when my hubby came home and pulled up the floor we were faced with a disaster, well to us it sort of was since we’re not equipped for this sort of thing.

That side of the kitchen used to be seperated by a wall so the one side was slightly lower. They had levelled it with some sort of cement like material and so some of it peeled up on the back of the linoleum. Helpfully. So we were facing this uneven mess along with a project we knew little about.

Nate brought me fairy wings, I think he thought they would help. Instead, we called on someone who knew what they were doing and got them to do it.

It was coming along well but since our handy friend has a real job he could only work on it in the evenings so it was slow going but perfect.

Finally on Thursday I was allowed to start moving things back in.

The kitchen was really nice and roomy without this buffet in it, but we really need it for storing items and it won’t fit anywhere else in our house so back it went.

I tried really hard to get the fridge back in myself but I just couldn’t get it up the little bit of a difference that’s there now because of the way they had to level the floor. I thought ‘I can do this, natural childbirth twice I’m strong’ but after having to put the fridge down quickly and close to the edge of the tile I chipped a small piece and decided to wait for help.

In the end 3 of us moving it later that evening still managed to put a small chip in it so I don’t feel so bad since I was all alone. It’s all hidden now with a nice piece of edging so all is well and more importantly I have my kitchen back!

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