Life is hard, cue the retail therapy.

So yeah, I’ve been having some troubles in my life. It hasn’t been too fun. Sometimes life is hard. Kids are hard, marriage is hard, then you have to work and function on top of all that. Fun times. I had a bit of a run on my shop recently, lots of orders (which is also sometimes hard to keep up with) so I treated myself to some Etsy items. Thought I’d share. I know it’s probably too late to hit these shops in time for the holidays but you might find something you like, or hey, maybe you’ll get en Etsy gift card!

This has yet to arrive but I’m so in love with it. I’m on a mission to accessorize, it’s going well.

These bangles are much prettier in person. They arrived yesterday, I wore them out last night and then today to work. Everyone commented on them. Very simple and pretty.

Em & Sprout have the best shirts. I’m in trouble now that I know my exact size. I also ordered this one.

Finally, I treated myself to some art by the wonderful Lucky Jackson. Not only does she make amazing things she’s such a wonderfully nice person!

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