Yes I’m 37

And these are my new favourite glasses. Thanks to my awesome cousin for seeing them and thinking of me.

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  1. Hey.
    This might sound crzy to you, but my dad collects drinking glasses like that. He has old Looney toons, all these weird cartoons from the 60s, garfield, the peanuts and the McDonalds glasses. WHERE did you get those? My dad has paid up to $40-50 for a mint collection glass. I’m assuming they are recent from the Hipsters/Homies on it. I NEED to get these. We are running out of glasses to get for him lol. If you could point me in the direction , I would be really appreciative!! We mostly find them at yard sales, antique stores, and that kind of thing. He loves getting a glass for a quarter when it’s worth $20, and I think that’s his kick, lol. Thank you SO much!!! Tell your cousin she is awesome ;)


  2. Haha, that’s awesome, your dad sounds great!
    These were new, in a package and all that.
    I have a Care Bear one I found at Value Village. I think finding them at yard sales and thrift stores are your best bet. Unless you need a specific one and you’re trying to complete a set or something I’d stay away from eBay or other ‘vintage’ sellers.

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