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So I broke my ankle.

You may remember I joined roller derby a while ago. And I love it. I’ve found a fun way to be active, push myself, make friends and play a sport. It’s been amazing! It was a great first date idea to go watch derby which turned into both of us signing up for Fresh Meat (me as a player, him as a ref) and then it grew from there (both our derby involvement and our relationship).


It took me two tries through Fresh Meat, which is the boot camp to learn all the ins and outs of derby, to pass my minimum requirement testing but then I was set to play full contact. It’s so much fun, even with the bumps and bruises.


That’s me in the sunglasses with the black and yellow striped panty on my helmet.


That’s me with my purple helmet, complete with roller skating pony on the back, and my sparkly shirt with my derby name ‘Stitches’ on it.

Our league takes a break for December and then we were back at it in January. We started our Monday night practices, had a scrimmage a then the Tuesday night practice was also open to every one so I decided to go. Turns out I should have stayed home since ended up creating a random crazy thing and while turning and pivoting I twisted and went down, but my foot didn’t and next thing I know I was hearing noises from inside myself I know we shouldn’t hear. Then I was on the ground and not moving.


There are my before and after xrays. The ER doctors reset my 2 fractures and sent me on my way saying they were pretty confident I wouldn’t need surgery. We left the hospital at 2:30 am and I was to go back for 8:30 am. Leaving so early after so little sleep, on pain meds, naseaus and using crtutches on my porch for the first time I slipped and banged my foot on the way out and undid all the lovely resetting the nice doctors had done. So a trip that was supposed to be for a nice new cast instead turned into more xrays and being put on a surgery list. I had to wait at home for 2 days before I was called for surgery.

Now I have a nice little plate in there, 3 screws (I was told 4 but looks like 3) and a giant Darth Vader like air cast boot that I can remove but I’m still unable to bear weight on my foot. It’s all crutches and borrowed wheelchair for me.


This has been a really hard time. It’s been nice to have my kitty cuddle me, time with my kids, some pretty cool gifts (that’s DJ Glitter the My Little Pony my best friend and I built at Build A Bear) I’d trade it all for a good ankle. I can finally see and wash my leg now when I take it out of the air cast, that’s a picture of the *good* side (the other side is pretty gross).

There are more pics on my Instagram should you wish to follow me there.

Well now that I’ve filled everyone in on that little bit of evilness going on in my life I’ll move on to other fun things like all the creating, thinking, reading and other things I’m doing while stuck on my bum around my house!