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Hey girl

So usually my hubby knows all the goofy memes going around before I do, since he spends all day at a computer.  Last night I had the pleasure of filling him in on the Handmade Ryan Gosling site, which apparently is based on the plan Ryan Gosling memes that say “Hey girl” and aren’t about handmade items, which is based on some other silly meme . . . . Yeah whatever.  If you make things yourself, sell stuff at craft shows, have an online shop these pictures will be funny to you.

Plus, I’d never really noticed before but sometimes Ryan Gosling isn’t too bad to look at either.

Having sat at tables at craft fairs this one made me chuckle.

Multiple trips to the post office lately and convos/emails about shipping status makes me appreciate this one.

And this one’s just great, I wonder if Mr Gosling knows what baker’s twine is . . .