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My space

I’ve had these photos for a while but last week My Girl Thursday shared her beautiful space and it prompted me to post about mine. It’s not pretty. But that said, it also shows you that you can carve out a place to work if you really need one.  I’ve also helpfully taken the photos at different times so watch my phone magically move and various drinks appear and disappear!

So if you look down our basement stairs you can see my little nook.

Our basement was previously a Man Cave but I invaded it. My hubby’s hobby is fish, he has salt water tanks with coral and fish and all sorts of neat things. We have an anemone and clown fish who live in it. It’s all really cool.
So our basement is quite taken up with tanks and pumps and then a desk for my hubby . . . so I’ve got a little corner set up, 2 tables pushed up around the freezer. It works.

We had an extra monitor and my hubby said I should use it but it’s really silly and excessive. I usually watch shows in the one on the right and work between the 2 tables.

There’s the freezer that I usually end up piling with the things I’m working on. Until my hubby comes down and needs the fish food.

I’ve hung things up, Christmas lights are something I started in university and keep hanging up in whatever space is mine. I prefer lots of dim lights. I never turn on the overhead basement light. All my lights are plugged into a power bar so I just flick the switch and about 4 lights come on.

I’ve also filled every space I can with something fun on the walls. I really need to finish that incomplete drywall job the previous owner left us, but who’s got time for that when they’re busy crafting!?

I’ve debated putting the kids into a shared room, then I could have a nice sunny room to work in . . . *sigh*. But then I feel like I’d be a bad mom or something so I’ll make due for now.