Guess how much I love Nate’s nursery

Before I was even pregnant I was looking for a neat nursery theme/idea. When our first son was born we were house sitting for my in-laws so we didn’t really get to go all out and create a baby room.  The second time around I fell in love with the idea of a room based on the book Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney and with the lovely artwork by Anita Jeram. I had seen an entire crib set on ebay before but once pregnant I searched and searched, finding nothing, I realized that I should have gotten the gently used one I had seen, even though it had been $150 AND we weren’t pregnant.

Dresser/change table.

I found crib sets listed online but always hit some lame ‘out of stock’ message or notice. I forged ahead thinking I’d just sew the bedding. However, I had terrible luck finding fabric. I debated using solid colours for the bedding and use themed accessories decorating the room instead. On ebay I found custom made knobs for the dresser with the characters on them and a light switch plate. I found wallpapers and murals but they were crazily expensive and shipping to Canada was atrocious! I decided I’d just use my projector and paint my own mural.

Finally, as a last ditch effort, I emailed the publishing company. I told my story and asked if they knew where I could get bedding or fabric if need be. A very nice Rob emailed back, the reason is sketchy in my mind now, but something about the one company that printed the fabric and bankruptcy. It appeared I was out of luck. I kept looking hoping to find something used or hidden away somewhere. Then one day I randomly got an email from Rob again. He said they were going to have some sort of big show and would be cleaning out the warehouse and he thought there might be some stuff tucked away that could help me. He promised to email when the show was over. Sure enough he did and sent pictures of all that he had found, and it was a ton!!!! He had an entire crib set, wall stickers, a blanket, a lamp shade, the 2 little stuffed hares, a diaper holder . . . it was amazing!!! There were even colours to choose from!

Decorative knob.

My mom made this for me when I was little, a little teddy bear goes in the bed.  I snuck in little nutbrown hare.

My mom made the little embroidered picture  for me when I was little, a little teddy bear goes in the bed.  I snuck in little nutbrown hare.

We didn’t know what flavour our little bundle was but I figured I’d play it safe, and knowing my husbands family I was sure it was going to be a boy. So I took everything he had that was green, gender neutral and the diaper holder which had a blue band at the top but I figured I could remedy that if needed. Since the items were kicking around in the warehouse helpful Rob just had to make up a price he felt was fair. So for the bargain price of $170 USD plus shipping, I was able to decorate the entire nursery!!

Rocking chair cushions, windown panel above sheers, and the awesome Pottry Barn book shelf.

Trim and wall stickers.

There’s the rocking chair cushions, window panel above sheers, and the awesome Pottery Barn book shelf.

There was only one issue. When the box arrived I realised that the ‘crib set’ was really a set for a small cradle! I had to do some creative sewing. Luckily there was enough bumper pads to cover 3 sides of the crib and I just had to sew one extra panel. There was a fitted cradle sheet set I wasn’t going to need to I used that to create the panel, along with cushion covers for the rocking chair and a window treatment. Too bad my son’s too little to appreciate it all!

Diaper holder and crib bedding.

Diaper holder and crib bedding.

4 Responses to Guess how much I love Nate’s nursery

  1. So I was searching Google for Guess How Much I Love You nursery stuff and I came across your blog. You did a great job with your son’s nursery! I hope I can have some luck in finding stuff for my baby’s room, too!

  2. Hi there, I too was hoping to decorate my son’s nursery with a Guess How Much I Love You theme but I am unable to find any fabric, do you have any suggestions? I have found bookends, picture frames, and a growth stick with Nutbrown Hare but no fabric, thank you, Heidi

  3. I just lucked out. Not sure if the publishing company would be of any help now since it’s been a while since he found things for me.
    I found things on ebay, the dresser knobs. There is wallpaper out there but shipping to Canada was insane, if you’re in the states you might find something reasonable. I have seen pajamas. I also ordered some cross stitch patterns, from ebay I believe, and made my son a blanket, and a birth announcement (that still isn’t done and he’s almost 2!).

    As far as I know the fabric is out of print so you sort of just have to luck out and find something that’s kicking around out there.

  4. I have been researching the cost of a set for the guess how much i love you set. It is impossible to find them. I happen to find one at a resale shop at an awesome deal. Im guessing they would be some kind of collectore=s item but no one seems to know anything about the set. I have wall hangings crib sheet valances bumpber skirt the whole 9 yards and cant decide to sell it or keep it or even what price to put on it.

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