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New Jewlery display for my room

I had this.

I wanted things more spread out. So I built this.

It was just 4 pieces of wood making a square on the back and the pegboard on the front. I had my lovely little boys help me sand and paint it too.

Then I moved everything back onto it.

And kept adding.

Ta da!

I made soap!

No really! And it was so cool!

With the help of Claire at Homespun Dazzle who taught me the great and mysterious ways of soap making, not to mention provided the supplies, I have hand crafted some pretty awesome* lime poppyseed soap!

*opinion may be biased.

The giant brick o’soap I had once I peeled the container away. I was attempting to make a swirly design, it didn’t really turn out that way but I love how it is.

It smells great, looks fun and the poppyseeds add some texture. Now it just has to cure in my kitchen for 6 weeks before I can use it. Crazy huh?

She also makes *amazing* soy candles. I mean it, literally amazing.

New Shop?

Ages ago I worked really hard to brainstorm a cool name for another Etsy shop.

My brainstorming, and pestering some friend, paid off and I came up with a great name for the shop. I signed up on Etsy and since it’s just been sitting there.

Waiting for me to fill it with the things I want to make for it.

And waiting.

I had planned to get to it this summer and so far, this is as far as I’ve gotten. Making the screens.

Perhaps this weekend, before school starts again, I can go insane with creativity and get it all done and launched?!

Cross your fingers form me and send some happy creative thoughts.

Today I was a rockstar.

I’m trying really hard to think of my self as a rockstar everyday but sometimes that doesn’t go so well. But today!? Today I nailed being a rockstar right out of the park!

I made tangerine sugar body scrub. More on that later.

I made beef, chicken AND turkey stock. All for the first time. Which also accomplished clearing out a large portion of the freezer.

I baked a banana bread. That’s not very epic, I do that often. It too clears out my freezer from the pile of frozen bananas that start to take over.

I made candles from all the odds and ends and extra candle stuff I had lying around, more details on that later too.

I cooked a eye of round roast. First time ever I’ve cooked a roast. I even made gravy for it in the last moments because inspiration struck.

I did my pilates DVD while the roast was roasting. My son Wesley, is addicted to Lego Star Wars on the wii. When I said I was going to do my DVD he got all panicked and asked how!? (we only have 1 TV). I loaded it onto my iPad, after some fussing around with my laptop some ripping and file converting, and went up to my room and did it there.

I also fed my children, took them swimming, guggled them while watching Dr Horrible on the couch with a blankie, and tucked them lovingly into bed.

Now I’m off to finish this tote!

Told you, nailed it.

Forray into lino carving.

I’ve played around with stamp carving before, a few years ago when I started this whole crafty blog thing. Recently I carved a big stamp to try something different for a cup cozy design.

On the weekend I attended a workshop run by Uniiverse on lino cutting. It was run by Etsy shop. He was really nice and while I’m sure I could have figured this out myself since I’m crafty like that it was great to have him there to ask questions and be a guide.

I fell in love with these feather wall decals a little while ago and want to cover my bedroom wall with them. However, that could get expensive. I debating cutting them out of fabric myself but I don’t think I’ll get nice clean lines or prevent fraying. So when the workshop came up I decided I would carve a feather and then I can use it to stamp onto my wall.

I’m happy with how it turned out, the fine lines show up and everything. The tricky bit will be to do it properly on the wall. It’s easy to toss away a ruined piece of paper! I also think this is how I’ll be making my Christmas cards this year. As if I didn’t have enough crafts on my plate now I’ve stumbled into a new one I like.

SewTara goes mobile.

Since it’s March Break and I have a 10 day stretch of no school I’ve been taking over parts of the house.

The kitchen table has fallen victim the most.

I’ve been working on small projects, hair clips and more magnets. If you follow me on my Instagram I’ve been moving around and creating various things.

Haven’t really hit the sewing machine yet since that’s in the basement and at least, even if my nose is buried in my crafting, I feel like I’m there for the kids. They’ve been enjoying the break by playing wii, having friends over, mastering Angry Birds on the iPad . . We have also hit swimming, gone for walks and hit indoor play places. So I’m going to say the break isn’t going too badly so far!

My friend made me pins!

And they’re super stinking fun! My friend Joanna made these for me and they’re such beautiful pins.

I’m crafty

I’ve made myself a little brooch. I’m sure if I’m sitting at a table at a craft show it’s pretty obvious I’m crafty but I still thought this would be fun to wear.

I’m just getting ready for Sunday’s craft show, and hoping for good weather! It’s a rain or shine event and I’m under a big tent but attendance will be terrible if it gets all rainy and stuff.

I was planning on making a run for the border on Saturday, but then I realized I’m still trying to recover from my two NYC trips. But I’m not sure if I can resist, Joann’s, Target . . . it might be too magnetic for me to avoid! I’ll letcha know.

Pendants galore.

I’ve been trying different things to use scraps to make pendants. I haven’t had much success with finding a way that works but I think I have now.

I haven’t enjoyed attempting it with Modge Podge, often there’s bubbles no matter what I try so I was happy to find these pendant frames. Sadly I only bought 5. Time to reorder.

Funny story

In the form of a vlog.