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Etsy Made In Canada


Excited to be part of this tomorrow! I’m going to be running a workshop showing people how to use up all the itty bitty fabric scraps they have by making 1 inch magnets and hairclips.


While the magnets involve a bit of equipment, available at Critical Buttons for rent of purchase if you’re up to making the investment.  The hairclips are much simpler.


I get my hairclip supplies from Etsy, this shop has many of the items but I’ve found that buying the pins themselves is the most cost effective from here.

As of right now the workshop is full and I’m looking forward to unleashing my 7 large ziplock bags of scraps onto some participants to help them create some fun items to take home.

I think running this workshop might become a regular thing.

Magnet oops giveaway.

So I mentioned making magnets and sometimes while crafting things go a bit wrong.

These lovely magnets are indeed, lovely, however they have a few bumps and bruises.

A few have spots on the back where the fabric didn’t quite catch in the button machine. And while this doesn’t effect the look from the front, or the fact it’s still a magnet they’re a touch substandard for selling. Soooo I’ve decided to do some clearing out and give them away. They’ll be fine holding things onto magnetic surfaces and with normal use. If you start poking at that little sticky outtie bit of fabric it’s going to fray and possibly peel off the magnet.

So if you would like to win either the 7 little magnets or the 7 big magnets leave a comment below! I will choose 2 lucky people and get them mailed out next week. Leave a comment before Friday, March 22nd. I’ll draw the winners on the weekend and send the emails!

Magnet crazy!

Well I went a little nuts over the March Break making and packaging magnets.

It was easy work, sick just time consuming, buy cialis and it resulted in me taking over the kitchen table many times while the kids played with friends or came in for a game or snack.

I just used some little baggies and cut some cardstock to fold over and staple. Then I use a MOO sticker to cover the hideousness of a staple. Pretty simple and easy. Now I just need to order more stickers. I use the MOO MiniCards for giving away SewTara magnets, case price tags and just usual business cars. I love their stuff.

Create 90 different photo stickers

Links are affiliate links.

SewTara goes mobile.

Since it’s March Break and I have a 10 day stretch of no school I’ve been taking over parts of the house.

The kitchen table has fallen victim the most.

I’ve been working on small projects, hair clips and more magnets. If you follow me on my Instagram I’ve been moving around and creating various things.

Haven’t really hit the sewing machine yet since that’s in the basement and at least, even if my nose is buried in my crafting, I feel like I’m there for the kids. They’ve been enjoying the break by playing wii, having friends over, mastering Angry Birds on the iPad . . We have also hit swimming, gone for walks and hit indoor play places. So I’m going to say the break isn’t going too badly so far!

Got Instagrams?

I might be late to this party, but there’s gotta be someone else who didn’t know about these things so I’ll share just in case. Over at Ink361.com they have a round up of great sites that let you do things with your Instagram photos, allow me to share.

Blurb allows you to turn your Instgrams into books.

Stikcygrams, oh I can’t say enough nice things about them. I’ve ordered many, many times. Looove them. The best part? Free shipping anywhere! More love!

Yeah, that’s an Instagram of my Stickygrams made from Instagrams on my fridge. Say that 5 times fast!

Phoolz has photo tips and challenges. They’re currently working through the alphabet.

Casetagram lets you make a cover for your iPhone 4 or 4s covered with your instagram photos. Super cool. Sadly I only have an iPhone 3 and can’t play along.

There are also a few companies that will print your Instagrams on canvas and such. I used this company and just uploaded an Instagram image and it worked just fine too.

Brilliant packaging.

While I own a 1 inch button maker, my friend Joanna and I rented a slightly larger one for a weekend a while back and went crazy making larger magnets. I packaged mine into little zip locks, in sets of 2 or 4. Joanna had a great idea to create larger sets of her photography magnets and she packaged them in old CD cases.

They look great and it’s a great use of cases when you store your CDs in another way.

Scraps! Yes, I’m a scrap addict.

Well I fell victim to ordering some scraps again. These ones are from Michelle Patterns and I always love her fabric choices, all the ones she posts about on her blog and of course her patterns. So whenever I catch that she has a scrap pack for sale I usually end up buying it.

I’ve already cut a bunch up for some scrappy wallets and set aside the small bits for magnet making. Now that I’m caught up on all my orders I intend to do some fun sewing. What a coincidence school is almost out.

Seriously, fabric with poodles *and* strawberries. How cute is that?!


Well I like MOO and MOO likes me (more on that exciting news later) and I had a hard time figuring out how to display my magnet sets. Eventually I just went with the boring little plastic bag and paper thing. But some MOO stickers helped to jazz it up, and cover the staple.

This pyrex dish has become one of my favourite display items.

I also loaded up on Mini MOO cards recently and since I’ve spent time sitting at 2 events recently I tagged and priced everything. I feel so organized.

I’ve always carried brown paper bags for my customers and I usually stamp them. This time I decided to put some stickers on the outside and put the stamp on the inside, like a little surprise when you open the bag.

Display peeks

Oh hello. Sorry for not being here yesterday. I did this really silly thing, I was holding a door open for someone and once she went through I went to walk out and basically punched a pole with that automatic door opener button on it. I heard cracks and crunches. It wasn’t even my knuckle that connected, it was my finger. Anyhow, it wasn’t good. I taped 2 fingers together to minimize motion, but my right hand was pretty useless last night. So today I have a slightly less sore hand and a lame story to tell.

Last week I was at a rather classy event, I had a giant table and when I arrived I was worried about being able to fill it but once I got unpacking I learned I’ve been making a lot lately! NOTE *lighting in a banquet hall is pretty craptacular, I’ve done the best I could*

I had a load of coin purses.

A bunch of clutches and pouches.

My magnet sets did really well, which is great considering the cost of my button machine, and I had some SewTara magnets on hand to give out.

I also took along a bunch of the kid stuff I’ve had since I started my crafty endeavour. I have done some mom & baby type shows but then I fell into cup cozies and other things.

I’m pretty sure I was the brightest display there. And a bit eclectic.

Need a magnet?

I sure don’t, I’ve been making a few. Just a few.

I love you button making machine.

Now to iron out my packaging . . .