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Blurb Instagram book.

When I went to Blissdom Canada I was given a coupon from Blurb and used it literally, in the last few hours before the coupon expired. Since I had only the time I was willing to stay awake that night I made a quick Instagram Photo Book.

It was super easy. You just connect with your Instagram stream and pick and choose the photos you want in your book. You can mess around with the order, choose the cover, it’s all pretty awesome.

Then at check out you can easily choose to duplicate the book, for a gift or such.

Right now, until February 14th there’s a coupon code to save 20% off your photo book, use code MYBOOKLOVE. After making my book and loving it so much I applied to the affiliate program, so fyi these links are affiliate links.

Got Instagrams?

I might be late to this party, but there’s gotta be someone else who didn’t know about these things so I’ll share just in case. Over at Ink361.com they have a round up of great sites that let you do things with your Instagram photos, allow me to share.

Blurb allows you to turn your Instgrams into books.

Stikcygrams, oh I can’t say enough nice things about them. I’ve ordered many, many times. Looove them. The best part? Free shipping anywhere! More love!

Yeah, that’s an Instagram of my Stickygrams made from Instagrams on my fridge. Say that 5 times fast!

Phoolz has photo tips and challenges. They’re currently working through the alphabet.

Casetagram lets you make a cover for your iPhone 4 or 4s covered with your instagram photos. Super cool. Sadly I only have an iPhone 3 and can’t play along.

There are also a few companies that will print your Instagrams on canvas and such. I used this company and just uploaded an Instagram image and it worked just fine too.

Stickygram awesomeness.

Now as if the whole Instagram app wasn’t cool enough. Now along comes Stickygram and you can turn all your fun photos into magnets. If my children are Grandsons to you please go away or you’ll ruin the surprise.

I ordered 2 sets, one for Nana and one for Grandma & Grandpa. I didn’t order one for me, I was really torn about it but I figured they’re my kids, I see them everyday. I regret that choice now. These things are awesome!

Maybe I can do something with the little picture that’s on the ‘hey here are your Stickygrams’ note. Like stick them on the back of some ugly fridge magnet or something.