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Got Instagrams?

I might be late to this party, but there’s gotta be someone else who didn’t know about these things so I’ll share just in case. Over at Ink361.com they have a round up of great sites that let you do things with your Instagram photos, allow me to share.

Blurb allows you to turn your Instgrams into books.

Stikcygrams, oh I can’t say enough nice things about them. I’ve ordered many, many times. Looove them. The best part? Free shipping anywhere! More love!

Yeah, that’s an Instagram of my Stickygrams made from Instagrams on my fridge. Say that 5 times fast!

Phoolz has photo tips and challenges. They’re currently working through the alphabet.

Casetagram lets you make a cover for your iPhone 4 or 4s covered with your instagram photos. Super cool. Sadly I only have an iPhone 3 and can’t play along.

There are also a few companies that will print your Instagrams on canvas and such. I used this company and just uploaded an Instagram image and it worked just fine too.

Bigger scraps and non scraps.

I believe non-scrap bits of fabric are just called fabric.

I ordered some more fun stuff. Yeah, stomach I need to stop ordering and get sewing.

I do have a problem.

But I admit it.

Carry on.

Instagram on Canvas

A little while ago, Easy Canvas Prints contacted me and asked if I’d like to review a product. I choose to go with a picture canvas. I uploaded this Instagram picture of Nate, it’s one of my favs. At first I was worried that the resolution or size would be wrong and the site would yell at me but all went well and I love the finished product!

It’s an 8 inch x 8 inch canvas and it’s going to make a really great keepsake of his first year at soccer. It’s a great size and goes great on the wall or just on a table top.

You can choose the colour on the edges of the canvas, or to have it mirrored from the front image. I choose that method and because of the effect (It’s Walden, X-Pro II, or Hefe, I can’t remember) and the black border and it turned out really well. My hubby said it looked ‘grainy’ but I explained that’s because of the Instagram filter and also the textured canvas. I love how it turned out!

It came packaged really well, I was a bit worried since it was traveling all the way up here from the US but all was well. I suppose I’ll need to order another one so Wesley can get some canvas love too!