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Brilliant packaging.

While I own a 1 inch button maker, my friend Joanna and I rented a slightly larger one for a weekend a while back and went crazy making larger magnets. I packaged mine into little zip locks, in sets of 2 or 4. Joanna had a great idea to create larger sets of her photography magnets and she packaged them in old CD cases.

They look great and it’s a great use of cases when you store your CDs in another way.

Instagram on Canvas

A little while ago, Easy Canvas Prints contacted me and asked if I’d like to review a product. I choose to go with a picture canvas. I uploaded this Instagram picture of Nate, it’s one of my favs. At first I was worried that the resolution or size would be wrong and the site would yell at me but all went well and I love the finished product!

It’s an 8 inch x 8 inch canvas and it’s going to make a really great keepsake of his first year at soccer. It’s a great size and goes great on the wall or just on a table top.

You can choose the colour on the edges of the canvas, or to have it mirrored from the front image. I choose that method and because of the effect (It’s Walden, X-Pro II, or Hefe, I can’t remember) and the black border and it turned out really well. My hubby said it looked ‘grainy’ but I explained that’s because of the Instagram filter and also the textured canvas. I love how it turned out!

It came packaged really well, I was a bit worried since it was traveling all the way up here from the US but all was well. I suppose I’ll need to order another one so Wesley can get some canvas love too!

Photography tips.

I’ve been tossing around the idea of a tablet and instead decided to devote some time to playing with my iPad to see if it can meet my needs. Elsie wrote this great post about helpful apps and I investigated those and got a few that will work for me.

Recently I found this blog and in clicking around found Violet’s great post about taking wonderful pictures. She has some really simple tips and tricks to help you get there.

Sometimes I look back at my earliest blog posts and I can’t believe my photos. I’ve learned so much in the few years I’ve been running my blog, mostly just through trial and error. There are soooo many talented people blogging out there you can find someone who has already struggled with some sort of creative process and it’s really easy to learn a thing or two.


Margot of Newfoundlander at Heart is generously offering some great items for one lucky reader.

Here’s what’s up for grabs:
– Large Ad Space for April (300×200)
– 5×7 print of winner’s choice from the shop.

Please visit the shop or her blog and let me know here in the comments what your favourite item is. I’ll choose a winner Wednesday night and announce on Thursday.

If you can’t wait there’s also a coupon code, you know, for being one of my friends, NEW20 for 20% off, in celebration of all the new items this month!

Photographer’s block

If you’re looking for the giveaway scroll down or it’s over here.

Mostly I make cozies. It wasn’t really what I set out to do when I opened an Etsy shop, but I sort of just fell into it and I’m glad I did. I like it, I get to be goofy and I’ve learned a ton of new things. One thing I haven’t really learned is how to take dozens and dozens of photos of what is essentially the same item and still make it interesting. Which is sort of stinky since I recently created a whole new batch of designs for the shop.

Part of me thinks, “Ok, it’s just a cozy, they get it. Do the plain background thing and be done with it”.

But then if I do have something in the background, like say cookies, I know people see it and look and want cookies so they might want my cozy . . . . Oh I know I’ll hold it in my hand! No one’s ever seen a disposable cup doing that before! *groan*

Today was nice and sunny (after the freak thunderstorm) so I tried to sneak some flowers in. But yeah I don’t know, it’s still a cozy.

What’s a disposable cup doing in my house in the first place let alone on my piano? Who knows, it’s a new place to set up a photoshoot. How about in front of my lappy, you know because it’s a computer joke, get it? Get it?!

Anyone else feel this is a challenge when you’re making similar items and need to photograph for listings?

Maybe I should just start getting really outlandish and putting them on my sleeping cats, or hanging from the ceiling or in the bath . . . .*sigh*

Stop! Barter time!

Bartering is one of the super cool things about spending your day sitting at a craft show.  It’s usually pretty easy to work out some sort of deal with someone and walk away having given and recieved something handmade.  Recently I’ve been contacted by some fellow Etsy sellers asking if I would be ineterested in doing a swap.  Enter Alison of  alisonostertag.etsy.com.  She lives in Philledelphia, blog here, and asked if I would be interetsed in some ofher photography in exchange for a cup cozy. Apparently she challenged herself to gift shopping through swapping. How cool is that!?

Rather than count pennies and figure out what item in her shop was equal to my cozy I just told her I was in and gave her permission to surprise me with whatever she wanted to send. That said, I am now the proud owner of a lovely print turned card and this great shot of a statue. Lovely pictures follow to disguise my lack of knowledge about the subject matter!

Wow, ignore my tattered old university sweater sleeve!! Yipes, how’d I miss that while cropping!?
Also, her photos are impeccable I didn’t do so well taking my own photos of her photos.

I love her shots of bikes and the doors of Fairmount! She also has a ceramics shop on Etsy.

My new favourite Etsy shop.

These prints over at HappyTownUSA are awesome!  I love silly sentiments and the vintage toys and fun photography makes me like them even more.

I’ll resist the urge to post all of the prints and make you wander over there to see them, it’s well worth the time for the chuckles you’ll have. Heck, you might even make a purchase!