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Ballieboro day trip.

I lugged the boys out last weekend to the Bailieboro Pottery & Glass Festival. There were some lovely things there to behold.

I must have been in a blue mood or something because anything blue was grabbing my attention.

I left with this lovely rectangular piece.

The design inside is so pretty. This piece is from Terra Dolus Pottery.

I decided to use it to keep all my little pins and brooches in.

I also got these nice coasters from Blue Cheese Pottery. They’re a really light blue/green colour.

The show was all around this church that houses an antiques store, very lovely stuff in there. The boys were so good on the car ride and even tolerated me stopping at a place called Barn Finds to look at neat stuff and do some thrifting.

Stop! Barter time!

Bartering is one of the super cool things about spending your day sitting at a craft show.  It’s usually pretty easy to work out some sort of deal with someone and walk away having given and recieved something handmade.  Recently I’ve been contacted by some fellow Etsy sellers asking if I would be ineterested in doing a swap.  Enter Alison of  alisonostertag.etsy.com.  She lives in Philledelphia, blog here, and asked if I would be interetsed in some ofher photography in exchange for a cup cozy. Apparently she challenged herself to gift shopping through swapping. How cool is that!?

Rather than count pennies and figure out what item in her shop was equal to my cozy I just told her I was in and gave her permission to surprise me with whatever she wanted to send. That said, I am now the proud owner of a lovely print turned card and this great shot of a statue. Lovely pictures follow to disguise my lack of knowledge about the subject matter!

Wow, ignore my tattered old university sweater sleeve!! Yipes, how’d I miss that while cropping!?
Also, her photos are impeccable I didn’t do so well taking my own photos of her photos.

I love her shots of bikes and the doors of Fairmount! She also has a ceramics shop on Etsy.