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Near Toronto? Want to go to the OOAK show? Ticket giveaway!

I have this friend from RoRo Art selling at the One Of a Kind Show in Toronto, running November 24 to December 4 and she’s donated 2 tickets for me to giveaway to some lucky people.  She makes super neat sock puppets and dolls and a load of other fun things.


For ease of winner chosing we’d like to keep all the entires in one place so if you could comment on my Facebook page to enter that would be great!

If you don’t win, be sure to stop by the show if you can it’s wonderful I go every year.  Say hello to RoRo at e-35 if you do!

I’m going to choose a winner, with the good old random number generator at midnight on Friday November 25th to give people time to hit the show on the weekend should they be the winner!

So head here to enter!



Ballieboro day trip.

I lugged the boys out last weekend to the Bailieboro Pottery & Glass Festival. There were some lovely things there to behold.

I must have been in a blue mood or something because anything blue was grabbing my attention.

I left with this lovely rectangular piece.

The design inside is so pretty. This piece is from Terra Dolus Pottery.

I decided to use it to keep all my little pins and brooches in.

I also got these nice coasters from Blue Cheese Pottery. They’re a really light blue/green colour.

The show was all around this church that houses an antiques store, very lovely stuff in there. The boys were so good on the car ride and even tolerated me stopping at a place called Barn Finds to look at neat stuff and do some thrifting.

My weekend.

I’m going to be here.

It’s on Sunday and it’s a rain or shine event so I’m crossing my fingers for the shine! We’re making an overnight trip of it and after coordinating the childcare shifts we’re heading out on Saturday and enjoying a night in Niagara Falls. It’s one of those date things I hear so much about.


I should be making loads of new stock. Instead I’ve been sidetracked by making a new table cloth for my craft shows.

I ran out of doilies. But the beauty of this project is that it looks pretty awesome the way it is. I was planning on going all the way up so that the entire hanging down part of the sheet was covered in doilies. I’ve got to run off thrifting.

I usually use bright crazy coloured vintage sheets but I think my bright products will show up better on a more neutral background. I’ll take some photos at Saturday’s show and let you know. If you live in Peterborough come by the public library on Saturday afternoon, I’ll be hanging out there!

Using scraps, adding products and making a display.

I made a pile of fabric scrap magnets. Some of the fun ones are gone already, but I thought I’d share the fun little display ideas we came up with. At the craft show on Friday all my little magnets were in a dish together and sticking to each other whenever anyone took a look at them. Luckily I was with a creative friend and she came up with a great idea. Then we both went home and made one! Hers is way better though . . . her kid is quietly contained in her belly so she has more time than I do.

Joanna’s idea was to take a cookie tin lid and Modge Podge some fabric on the inside for a nice backing. I’ll probably add some piping or something around the inside.

I whipped mine up really quickly and wasn’t sure how permanent it was, or if she got to making one, so it’s really easy to take this one apart. Which is good if you need something like this but only have 1 cookie tin and need it later . . . or something.

Using a smaller cookie tin lid I cut a circle of fabric and wrapped it around it and secured it in place with a circle of cardboard and an elastic for good measure.

It would stand up nicely on a little plate stand or one of those book display easels. They were a great addition to my cup cozies and bags and totes. Small, cute and inexpensive a lot of people picked one up as they paid and added it to their purchase.

My busy last few days.

Whew, prescription what a crazy time. I spent most of last week staying up waaaay too late making things and getting organized for my table on Friday and Saturday. Friday morning was all busy with getting ready, cialis taking the kids to the sitter (which we were out of practice on) picking up my friend and getting up before the show. It was a hot hot day and we were thankful for being in the air conditioned library for the day.

I went home Friday night and like a mad crafty woman stayed up until 1:30am making some more things. Most notably this cutie.

Saturday was absolutely perfect. There was a lot of scary talk on Friday about how hot and humid it was going to be but it turned out to be beautiful. I decided to be brave and move out of tent sharing with Joanna and set up beside her. While my table was in the sun at times, view I was under the shade of the tree branches all day.

Between talking to other vendors, who were such great people, and chatting away with people who came to my table I was sewing coin purses on frames for both days. My poor fingers! In the 10 hours I spend sitting at my table for 2 days I got 4 finished. I also sold 2!

The 2 days were filled with such awesomeness – great weather, sales, my friend, compliments, pictures for SNAP, media attention from the local TV station, live music from local bands, some great food and mostly just awesome people stopping by to support local artists. I had a great time. Thanks to the organizers Broken Arts for all the fun.

Playing with photos, happy mail and up late once again!

Signed up for a Picnik account yesterday and I’m loving this 1960’s effect they have.  I’m also having fun adding text to images.  Prepare to see funner pictures from now on!  There’s me (finally) hiding behind a morning tea.  I was worried it would take longer to post but it’s really fairly quick and easy to use.  It’s almost making me want to go back and repost all my pics . . . . almost.

I also received my happy mail from Christina.  She’s got this really cool website Craftee (lovin’ the name!).   She sent me some fun stuff, including a really beautiful journal with matching pens. It made me want to doodle and pushed me over the edge into the ‘yes please!’ camp for Elsie and Rachel‘s Tell Your Story class.

Thanks to Indie 2.0 I learned how to make my very own little widgets. I’m so excited. Now I just have to get them up and out there, which will be thanks to my techie hubby. I made a few, any opinions?

I’m going to have a table at this show on May 1st and I’ve been going crazy sewing like a maniac to get a huge pile of things to take and sell.  Since it’s my first show I’ll be getting a feel for what sells and what doesn’t.  There’s less than a month left now and I’m starting to feel the crunch.  Fingers crossed all goes well!  And on that note, 1am is probably a good time to go to bed.