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Successful crochet project!

Finished *this* project!


While taking a ‘it’s ok it’ll work out let’s get calm’ break from my rag rug I whipped up this cowl.
I just chain stitched 45 stitches and single crocheted in them all the way around and around and around until I ran out of the skein. Which, luckily, turned out to be a perfect size.


Rag rug still in progress.

Here’s how it all started!


Since I’ve been chronicling the progress of my rag rug on my Facebook Page and Instagram but here are some of the pics all put together.  It’s nearly done so there will be one last “KABOOM! lookit it’s all finished” pic coming soon.  There are instructions around online but I used  Creativebug’s class.


I’m not a great crocheter, as illustrated by my attempt at an ‘apple cozy’ years ago.

not an apple cozy 2

This project is great and goes quickly once you’ve got your fabric ready to go. But you’ll need some muscles for tearing up sheets or lengths of fabric. They look pretty neat all balled up.


I had a really hard time getting my rug to lay properly. I struggled with it curling up, then being warbly and I’ve sort of been making my own pattern up as I go. Laying the rug down here and there to see how it falls. And I’ve been writing down what I do on each round so that *if* I do have to do some ‘reverse crochet’ I’ll know where I left off.


crochet again?

I’m going to try my hand at this crochet things again.

I have a cup cozy related idea to do with them.
I ordered some patterns from this Etsy shop.

Wish me luck!


I should be making loads of new stock. Instead I’ve been sidetracked by making a new table cloth for my craft shows.

I ran out of doilies. But the beauty of this project is that it looks pretty awesome the way it is. I was planning on going all the way up so that the entire hanging down part of the sheet was covered in doilies. I’ve got to run off thrifting.

I usually use bright crazy coloured vintage sheets but I think my bright products will show up better on a more neutral background. I’ll take some photos at Saturday’s show and let you know. If you live in Peterborough come by the public library on Saturday afternoon, I’ll be hanging out there!

Whoooo’s bag?

I got an awesome gift the other day. My friend Joanna came over to bring me a surprise. Apparently she’s been working on it for months and months.

It’s all awesomely crocheted and lined with fabric. The little wing circles on the sides are pockets. It’s absolutely incredible quality, she did an amazing job.

Congrats and don’t worry your chance is coming!

Congrats to Katie who entered over on Wild Olive and won herself a ‘I <3 t’ cup cozy!

I headed into to Toronto for the Creativ Festival yesterday and boy did I have fun! If you live in or near Toronto and can get there today or tomorrow it’s worth it.  They’ve got stuff for scrapbooking, knitting, sewing, crocheting, cardmaking, and all sorts of supplies and sellers.

I picked up a ton of fat quarters! They were everywhere and so fun and such bargains . . . I think I have over 30. I also met some really creative and fun people and managed to even work out a donation for a giveaway while mentioning my blog. I think I’ll let the posts about my wonderful finds trickle in over the next few days.

Like and need to learn

I’ve been admiring the stuff at Citrus Pop for a while.  This necklace is particularily lovely.

I think the colourful doilies in her photos are so fun too.  Need to work on my crocheting skills!

Camp themed swap stuff!

I’ve been a bad blog owner, forgive me. My fun package for the Camp Themed Swap that Amanda so willingly ran for me and a group of lucky ladies arrived . . . . 2 Fridays ago. It took me until Sunday to even open the package, I’ve been sooooo busy lately it’s been insane. Hence the blog absence. I’ve been frantically making cup cozies, yes still! Everywhere I go I’m pulling out some stitching, it’s a little crazy. I’ve finally made it into my September orders and I only have about 20 more to make. I sat around all summer on vacation and of course my shop had to go viral (for the second time) right when it was back to school time!

Anyhow, enough ranting, here’s what I’m supposed to be writing about, my haul!

Going across the rows – back row –  a fun mixed media painting, a print of a drawing of three bears camping and some awesome hoop art with a happy camper.

Middle-ish my log pin cushion, a CAMPO game, a fun floral case for glasses, some camp themed stationary, a crocheted flower hair thingie, and a heart shaped box.

Front-ish – a little note book with graph paper and camp themed stickers in it, a compass hair pin, a firefly keychain, a button ring,  brown bear earrings, and a signed original piece of art work.

All placed on top of a vintage pillow case sending me happy camping wishes!

Here’s some close ups,

It was such a fun thing to be involved in.  At first I wondered what on earth we would all come up with for camp themed crafts (especially as someone who’s never been camping) but we did all right!

Apple cozy complete.

Despite being embarrassed and a tad annoyed by the outcome of this project I’m going to share.

I needed a lot of help along the way for this project.  Mostly because it was my first time following a pattern when crocheting.  Before this I had only made squares.  *SOME* people laughed at me and asked if I was making a plum cozy initially but I found my groove with the right hook and a much looser grip.

All said and done I started over about 3 times, I went up a hook size, I pulled rows out numerous times, I counted along the way and was somehow waaaay off on many, many rows.  Finally when I was done I was so proud and ran to the fridge only to discover it doesn’t fit the apples I usually eat at all.

Guess I’m starting a new one!

Crafting on the go!

This craft has a sort of funny story behind it.  Apparently my  crayon and car cosies inspired my friend to create a cosie for her crochet hooks and some other random supplies.  Well seeing her creation inspired me to create my own crochet hook cosie.  So this is a craft inspired by me, inspired by Joanna that inspired me back.

I used the lovely dill fabric I recently ordered, and some wood grain too.  Who doesn’t love a little woodgrain fabric!  It folds up and ties with a cute little brown ribbon.  I just made the design up from scratch and I’m pretty darn proud of myself.

I’ve been a little neglectful of my blog lately, as well as my online classes!  Hopefully with the end of my real life work/school I can get back into daily crafting and more frequent bloggings.