Apple cozy complete.

Despite being embarrassed and a tad annoyed by the outcome of this project I’m going to share.

I needed a lot of help along the way for this project.  Mostly because it was my first time following a pattern when crocheting.  Before this I had only made squares.  *SOME* people laughed at me and asked if I was making a plum cozy initially but I found my groove with the right hook and a much looser grip.

All said and done I started over about 3 times, I went up a hook size, I pulled rows out numerous times, I counted along the way and was somehow waaaay off on many, many rows.  Finally when I was done I was so proud and ran to the fridge only to discover it doesn’t fit the apples I usually eat at all.

Guess I’m starting a new one!

2 Responses to Apple cozy complete.

  1. I think it’s wonderful :) As you use more patterns, you’ll get the feel for how many sizes you’ll need the change the hook. I find that I’m a bit “tight” as well, so I ALWAYS go up atleast 1 size, sometimes even 2 or 3. Depends on if i have the right weight of yarn as well. Keep at it … I think you did a great job!

  2. you’re awesome kiddo !!!!

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