Girly Handmade Beginnings pants this time!

I was so happy to get to pick out some fun and girl-ish stuff to make for the lovely baby Samantha.  I also got fancy and appliqued some t-shirts to go with the reversible pants.  Needed a nice thoughtful gift and a break from being a pillow factory.

You can’t really see but there are little brown, pink and white birds on the first pants.  I added some brown with white polka dot fabric to the inside to make rolling up the pant legs more fun.  On the second pair of pants I actually cut the leg shorter and added that bank of green apple fabric so when she grows bigger and can’t roll up the pant legs they’ll still look like they have a fun contrasting cuff.

Now I just have to get her counting book all done! :)

5 Responses to Girly Handmade Beginnings pants this time!

  1. Very kewl way of making a plain white tshirt match the pants. :) Did you sew these yourself or buy them ?

  2. I bought them, not so good with the stretchy fabrics yet.

  3. These pants are so adorable!!! Did you use a pattern to make them?

  4. it’s a pattern from the book ‘handmade beginnings’ it’s called quick change pants or something like that. great book if you have cause to make things for babies!

  5. Oh, stupid me – that’s why your post title is handmade beginnings … I just thought “What a neat title” … :-)
    I will check out the book. I was reluctant to buy someting only about babies … I have one. But that one keeps me from sewing! :-) And is growing so fast that I would probably not to make alot for it … But those pants definitely are cute!!!

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