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Embroidery addiction.

I’ve become a bit addicted to embroidery lately. I’ve been carrying around little projects to have on hand. After finishing my Mollie Makes bear I happened to stumble onto this little beauty on Etsy in Jenny Blair’s shop.


It’s a sampler so just the printed fabric arrived for me to fill it in how I’d like. Which is a great idea. It came packaged very nicely, and the fact that it’s all nice and flat means that shipping was pretty reasonable.


She has a mix of pdf, fabric and kits in her shop. They’re all really quite lovely. I’m swooning over these ones.


PicMonkey Collage

Find her blog online or follow her prettiness on Instagram.

Kiriki Press

I love getting my new Mollie Makes magazines. I diligently travel to the magazine store every few weeks, the only place I can still find the UK imports, and pick up my copy. They set it aside for me. I have to buy the imports because I want the kits. I tried the US editions when they started printing them but I couldn’t bear to miss out on kits and also I found some of the content was recycled and I’d seen it before in the UK editions.

image1 I tend to toss the kits in a drawer and then hope to get to them. Recently I’ve been making it a point to get to them and this kit helped give me the push I needed to do so. It’s also launched me into a stitchy frenzy. I pulled out my previously (read ages ago) purchased Kiriki kit.


It’s from Kingston, Ontario based Kiriki Press. It’s neat to see people grow their businesses. I remmebre meeting her years ago at some Etsy events in Toronto. Now she’s got her Etsy shop and a fancy website.



You can find and follow Michelle on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook

Now I’ll have to get going on a few other projects I have lying around, and this lovely came with this month’s issue.

And of course I’ve still got my lovely get well gift from Mollie.


Hey don’t forget to sign up for the pincushion swap!!



I have a line up of things to get stitchy with.

Probably should have gotten to them with this crazy long, cold, dark winter I had the pleasure of hanging out with this year. Buuuuut I didn’t.

Creative Bug

Ok now that summer is upon me I have to embrace these 2 months of free time and go crazy creating and catching up! I’ve had a Creativebug Inc membership for a while but have only watched a small percentage of my flagged ‘want to watch’ classes.

I watched Anna Maria Horner’s Modern Doily class and then of course wandered off to buy her book. Because, you know, I need more projects.

They have a free content section, that I recommend checking out. You can also subscribe and get access to all the content, which is a great deal.

I’ll be that evil person hoping for some rainy days here and there that stick me inside the house so I can get all this stuff done!

Pretty Inspiration

I found this Etsy shop recently and I love the sketchy designs.

I also started following Pam’s blog and other stalkable social media things, she’s a rather creative lady and I love her work.

I picked up a pile of colours that I thought were pretty and while I love the open endedness of the project it’s also a bit daunting to just have to ‘wing it’. Getting it all organized since it’s a good portable craft and then I’ll start madly stitching.

Mitten Bay

I have no clue where it is but I want to live there.

Found these at a thrift store in Kensington Market in Toronto. Also, why didn’t I have a Hoedown in Grade 1?!

Next mission is an authentic looking shirt to stitch on this collection. Oh and expand the collection too.

Exciting news from Mollie.

I love patterns and tutorial and instructions to make things. I collect far too many but someday I’ll get to them, someday. I get that you work hard to make something and it’s ‘yours’ in a sense but I super duper love when creators are willing to let you take their project and run with it, make your own and give and sell them. Like this lovely lady, this tutorial turned licensed pattern and now my friend Mollie!

A while back we collaborated on a project and it’s now part of her new commercially licensed products. This means you can take her cute adorable embroidery patterns and put them on things you make and sell them for your own little crafty profit. The commercial license is here as an add on in her shop, if you already own her patterns you just nab it and there’s no need to purchase the patterns again. Sharing the love is great!

You can pick up the pattern for the Make a Memory game here.

Super hoops

How fun are these?

Made from vintage linens found while thrifting. Some are embellished with some hand stitching. Get Batman and Robin here and the Wonder Woman here.

My Friday night.

Well I have to say Friday night was pretty stinking amazing. I was super pumped about heading out to Impresario to see Lucky Jackson’s work in the gallery. It was also the official ribbon cutting ceremony and grand opening of the store. My clutches, wallets and some other items are available for purchase there and so it was nice to support the store on such an important day.

But the highlights of the night were 1) meeting Lucky Jackson, who actually stopped me as I tried to nonchalantly sneak past her “Hey! Are you SewTara?!” (darn purple hair) 2) seeing some of her amazing pieces in person and 3) meeting Chantilly. It was truly an awesome night.

If you happen to live out that way, or head East out of Toronto you should pop into the shop. Rebecca, the owner and curator, is selling some lovely handmade items. Currently I have almost a whole shelf to myself. I went in a bit early and dropped off a new batch of items for her to carry. Good news is it’s all on display and ready to go home to happy people. Bad news is she took everything I had and now I have to get sewing all over again!

I also created a new product, some fun hair clips and about half of them are living on the check out counter.

Stitch swapping

A while back I signed up for Wild Olive‘s stitch swap. It was round robin style so the person I sent to isn’t the person who sent to me, which is a fun way to do it and keep it all secret.

Here’s what I made for my partner.

It’s a copy of a piece I made myself a while back. I just changed the colours to fit her favourites.

And here are the surprises I got.

I love how she wrote along the hoop, it’s a nice touch and will stay with the art.