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Reddit stationary and pen swap.

Ever done a Reddit Gift exchange?

They run almost constantly and they have a wide variety of themes.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 9.29.08 AM

Last summer I signed up for a teacher gift giving one. It was a Secret Santa sort of thing but teachers singed up and were paired with gift givers. The person who sent my package to me was so ridiculously generous. My students were thrilled to get so many neat items. The limit was set at $20 but my Santa clearly went overboard. Even went so far as to send me a cheque when I was surprised at having to pay a bunch of delivery charges.


This is the great pile of goodies I received from my gift giver. She did some online research and found out some things about me to drive her gift collecting.


I packaged up some lovely things to send to my match. I hope she enjoys them as much as I enjoyed mine.

Scrap Swap Time!

Sooooo who wants to scrap swap?!

I’ve done a bunch of summer sewing and hope to do even more during the fall so let’s revitalize our stashes!

Leave your name here, make sure there’s an email address/blog/contact info and I’ll find you a buddy.
Sign ups are open until Sunday night, September 22nd, and then I’ll match us all up and let you know Monday who your partner is.

The keep everyone happy guidelines:

– scraps must measure at least 2 inches by 2 inches, there is no maximum size
– scraps must be clean and in usable condition
– scraps can be new fabric or vintage reclaimed pieces
– fabrics should be of relatively the same weight (cotton preferred) to allow for quilting, or mixing with other fabrics and use in the same project
– be ready to send 10-ish ounces to your partner by Monday October 1st.

Swap is open to everyone so please be aware you may be shipping internationally unless you tell me otherwise.

Stitch swapping

A while back I signed up for Wild Olive‘s stitch swap. It was round robin style so the person I sent to isn’t the person who sent to me, which is a fun way to do it and keep it all secret.

Here’s what I made for my partner.

It’s a copy of a piece I made myself a while back. I just changed the colours to fit her favourites.

And here are the surprises I got.

I love how she wrote along the hoop, it’s a nice touch and will stay with the art.

Caution: Happy mail may cause happiness.

My package from Brianna arrived the other day.

Such lovely stuff! There were many exclamations of happiness while I unpacked everything! Here’s what I sent her way. I’ll be organizing one of these again for sure.

Winter cleaning happy mail?

I’ve been clearing my work area and I plan on kicking butt on all these half finished projects cluttering up my space. While I was going that I came across a bunch of neglected, unloved supplies. Perfectly good things but I haven’t used them in ages or probably won’t get to using them.

I had the idea of doing a giveaway but then I thought maybe other people are having the same problem and we could set up a swap. I’ve got some things that came as freebies with Etsy orders, or items from other swaps, cute sticky notes, stickers and of course ribbon, fabric and buttons that I’ll probably never get to using!

Sooooo anyone want to play along? Sign up below until Wednesday January 11th. I’ll match us up (open internationally unless you tell me otherwise) and email partners so you can work out addresses and such. I suppose the contents should cost about $10-$15 but I’m hoping we can all just share some neglected creative stuff and pass it on to someone who may be inspired. Of course you can also include a handmade by you item, I know I will.

I was also hoping this post will distract from the fact that I haven’t completed a CreateAlong project in a while . . . next week I’ll reveal all my neglected projects, I promise!

Who’s up for a scrap swap!?

Yeah, I’m definitely addicted.  So who wants to satisfy their craving with me or get hooked?

Sign up here, I’ll take names until Friday May 20th .  Leave your name and some contact information and I’ll pair us all up. Be ready to commit to shipping your scrap bundle by June 10th.  This will be open to everyone everywhere so please let me know if you object to international shipping and I’ll match you with someone in your country.

I’ve learned that  shipping works in mysterious ways (something I’ve learned running my shop) so if you’re shipping across a border keep in mind it might take a bit.

The keep everyone happy guidelines:

– scraps must measure at least 2 inches by 2 inches, there is no maximum size but it is supposed to help you destash your scrap bin so sending fat quarters probably won’t help with that.

– scraps must be clean, and in usable condition

– scraps can be new fabric or vintage reclaimed pieces

– fabrics should be of relatively the same weight, cottons/linens/light canvas so allow for quilting, or mixing with other fabrics and use in the same project

– send 10-ish ounces to your partner by June 10th

Feel free to add some other goodies or random items if you wish.  Check out blogs or shops to get to know your partner, send an email and be friends, most importantly have fun!

Sign up below!

Scrap Swap Buddies!

Well I was going to take a cute video and have my kids run into the room each with a name in hand and match us all up in a fun and silly way.  But Nate’s been sick all day and went to bed at about 6:30 looking very exhausted and hubby put Wesley to bed about a half hour ago.  Ooops.

Soooooo using the very high tech system I used last time I have written our names on tiny slips of paper and pulled them out in pairs at random to match us up!

Kristy S & bonitarose

SewSare & Virginia

Sara & Barb

Victoria Paige & Tara

Tara & Ali

Annabel & Leela

Cassidy & Anita

Lorna & Jennifer

Lauren & Earl-Leigh

There was a name left over so I’m very sad to say I think I’ll play twice.

So go ahead and chat with each other, maybe give a few details that might help make a package for you, if you have a son/daughter, certain project on the go or anything else.  Make sure there’s 10 ounces of fabric and anything else you want to toss in is just bonus.  Have fun and make sure to post your goodies in the flickr pool I want to see what everyone gets!

Scrapbusting strikes again. This time in the form of mug rugs.

I did it again!  I’m in love with the scraps from my swap.  Not only are they nothing like I have in my own stash but they’re so bright and colourful and beautiful.  I know I’ve said it a bunch but thanks Jessica!

I made some mug rugs.  I love tea and, sadly, I’m pretty fond of cookies and other baked goods.  Now I have a way to enjoy them that looks absolutely fantastic.  Those cookies are from a recipes Deceptively Delicious by the way, they’ve got chickpeas in them and they’re amazing.
I quilted various bits together to create a 7 x 10 1/2 inch matt.  Then I sandwiched some batting between the colourful top piece and a plain linen cotton on the back.  This is the first time I’ve actually quilted something so I kept it simple and just did lines.  I used the edge of my machines foot to keep me in track.  I chose a yellowy thread, it’s sort of a mustard colour.  I love the results.
I was going to get brave and make my own bias tape for the first time but I decided against it.  I haven’t really used bias tape much and so I wanted to keep it simple.  Sadly it wasn’t simple at all!  I had a tough time lining it all up, I double stitched it to echo the quilting of the matt.  If you look closely the edges are a bit wonky but oh well.  If you come to my house and I put a nice hot tea and a yummy treat served on a beautiful mug rug and you mention the wonky edges I’m taking it all away.  You’ve been warned.


Scrap swap goodies

My giant envelope of Scrap Swap goodies came earlier this week. We sort of accidentally conducted a little experiment too since Jessica and I mailed our packages on the same day. Mine got to her waaay before hers arrived here. So apparently Canada to US is faster than US to Canada. I’ll have to test again with the next scrap swap!

So here’s all the fantastic goodies Jessica sent. Complete with a moose, you know because I’m Canadian.

Fabric, fabric, fabric! Turns out destashing is almost as addictive as the stashing.

Little doilies, which are awesome because I’ve wanted to either learn to make them in funky colours, or collect some and dye them. She also sent these fantastic vintage buttons that belonged to her grandmother, such a nice thing to give.

And a ton of corks that I can get inventive with. Her hubby is a bartender so she said they’re buried in corks.

Ashley Ann hauled in this fun load of stuff. Jessica made an adorable stuffed animal with the bits and pieces I sent her.

I am going to organize another one of these, it was super fun and getting a giant package in the mail is awesome.
Perhaps in March, sort of a spring cleaning type thing!

Swap buddies buddied

Using the very high tech system of writing names on pieces of paper and picking them out 2 by 2 I assigned partners.  You should have an email from me to you and your swap buddy.  Please email your partner at the email I’ve used and give them a mailing address for your goodies.  Let me know if you didn’t get an email, or if there’s a problem.
Kait & Erin S
Janee &  Wendy
Janet & Ashley Ann
The Mama & Grace
Andrea & Amber
Jessica & Tara
Wendy is in here two times, since she said she’d play twice.  She’s so awesome.  Some of you mentioned throwing bits of other things in your package and that’s totally cool but please make sure you have at least 10 oz of usable fabric bits and pieces.
I’m going to be posting project ideas to use these, and other scraps, as well as links to scrap busting ideas.