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Reddit stationary and pen swap.

Ever done a Reddit Gift exchange?

They run almost constantly and they have a wide variety of themes.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 9.29.08 AM

Last summer I signed up for a teacher gift giving one. It was a Secret Santa sort of thing but teachers singed up and were paired with gift givers. The person who sent my package to me was so ridiculously generous. My students were thrilled to get so many neat items. The limit was set at $20 but my Santa clearly went overboard. Even went so far as to send me a cheque when I was surprised at having to pay a bunch of delivery charges.


This is the great pile of goodies I received from my gift giver. She did some online research and found out some things about me to drive her gift collecting.


I packaged up some lovely things to send to my match. I hope she enjoys them as much as I enjoyed mine.