Swap buddies buddied

Using the very high tech system of writing names on pieces of paper and picking them out 2 by 2 I assigned partners.  You should have an email from me to you and your swap buddy.  Please email your partner at the email I’ve used and give them a mailing address for your goodies.  Let me know if you didn’t get an email, or if there’s a problem.
Kait & Erin S
Janee &  Wendy
Janet & Ashley Ann
The Mama & Grace
Andrea & Amber
Jessica & Tara
Wendy is in here two times, since she said she’d play twice.  She’s so awesome.  Some of you mentioned throwing bits of other things in your package and that’s totally cool but please make sure you have at least 10 oz of usable fabric bits and pieces.
I’m going to be posting project ideas to use these, and other scraps, as well as links to scrap busting ideas.

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