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Making a few changes.

My cup cozy designs came from part having funny things to say and part wanting to help people keep their drink a bit insulated and their hands a bit safe while sparing the environment extra cups or cardboard sleeves.

I try to be conscious of my consumption of items and how much I use up my craft supplies. I repurpose things and use up all my scraps (down to 1 inch magnets and then teeny tiny scraps for hairclips). I take donated scraps from people, thrift things to reuse, when I screen print and make mistakes I use those pieces as interfacing and lining for other projects. I try.

Recently I’ve tried to up my game in our household – reusable produce bags, reusable make up removal wipes, hand made face cloths and wipes. I keep them in a travel bag in the bathroom then once they are used put then in a mesh bag to breathe then just wash and dry in the mesh bag.

This ones were made with our favourite colour in my house, which we call Swoon. My son wanted some slightly larger ones for his face. I just used up fun prints I had on hand and made a bunch for our use.

As I posted about them I had some request and so I went ahead and made some for friends. It saves on having to buy one time use make up puffs and doesn’t make any solid waste.

Looking forward to making more and adding them to my table at craft shows and my Etsy shop.

Mitten Bay

I have no clue where it is but I want to live there.

Found these at a thrift store in Kensington Market in Toronto. Also, why didn’t I have a Hoedown in Grade 1?!

Next mission is an authentic looking shirt to stitch on this collection. Oh and expand the collection too.

Challenge accepted.

Lately I’ve been bothered by unfinished projects lying around. They sort of eat at the back of my head and nibble away, annoying me. It’s sort of like how you make resolutions, or unrealistic goals and they end up just bothering you rather than inspiring you. This weekend it’s been my scrap bin that’s driving me batty.

Last night I had the idea to sew from my scrap bin all week. I didn’t set a Create Along goal for Friday since this week is busy for me but I do vow to go to my scrap bin for every project I tackle.

See it’s HUGE! I’ll keep you posted.


I should be making loads of new stock. Instead I’ve been sidetracked by making a new table cloth for my craft shows.

I ran out of doilies. But the beauty of this project is that it looks pretty awesome the way it is. I was planning on going all the way up so that the entire hanging down part of the sheet was covered in doilies. I’ve got to run off thrifting.

I usually use bright crazy coloured vintage sheets but I think my bright products will show up better on a more neutral background. I’ll take some photos at Saturday’s show and let you know. If you live in Peterborough come by the public library on Saturday afternoon, I’ll be hanging out there!

DIY Spring door decor

I took our little snowman decoration down a while back, since we had a pathetic amount of snow this year, and realized over the weekend our door looked bare. Thinking of spring I put together this cute scrappy little door decor.

I gathered up some fabric scraps, fleece scraps, and some baker’s twine. I reused the dowel hangy thing from a pennant someone had made me year’s ago for my classroom door. It had my maiden name on it so I cut it off and kept the wood bit around knowing I’d find a way to use it.

I chose cool coloured fabrics and made sure the fleece was blue as well. I wanted it to look a little unfinished at times. I cut 2 pieces of fabric for each raindrop and 1 piece of fleece. Sandwiched them together and zig zag stitched the baker’s twine in place on each raindrop with my sewing machine.

It’s really pretty hanging on the door and it’s fun when the wind gently blows the raindrops around a bit.

Thrifting is fun

But you all knew that.

Found this cute little house shelf. Happens to fit my spools of baker’s twine perfectly.

I threw some washi tapes in that middle bit since it’s a bit too big for spools. It’s sort of a little packaging station now.

Friday Create Along

Here are some reveals.

Wipe container letters and numbers? Ta da!

Lavender sachets? Ta da!

Crocheted slippers? . . . pass for now.

Up next this cute little phone pouch pattern available from Nap Kitten. I assure you this pattern is much easier than her wallet, ailment which kicked off this Create Along adventure.

Caution: Happy mail may cause happiness.

My package from Brianna arrived the other day.

Such lovely stuff! There were many exclamations of happiness while I unpacked everything! Here’s what I sent her way. I’ll be organizing one of these again for sure.

I won!

I’m still a tad in shock. I’m not one for running all over and entering giveaways, unless it’s something I really like. Sometimes I’m just so behind in my RSS I miss the fun all together. Well this time, let me tell you, I’m super glad I went and entered because I won!!!

What did I win you may be asking . . . I can barely bring my self to type it I’m so thrilled, an embroidery hoop masterpiece from Lucky Jackson!!!!!

And I get an email saying go to the shop and pick one. Pick one. Seriously, how!?

Lookit these things? They’re fantastic.

People wonder how I have time to create so many things, I’m following patterns, or making 10 at a time, or spending 1 day madly crafting and not touching it again for a week. This lady makes one of these things every single day. I’m amazed. And then she says “how weird is it you won and I’m a fan of your blog?!” I love the handmade community.

You can see the works so far here in this Flickr pool.

I’ve been making hexies.

Like a lot.

They’re ridiculously addictive.

I was inspired by Rachel’s hexie kit I stumbled upon while Googling hexies and sort of put one of my own together. I thought I had a punch but it appears I have every shape but a hexagon, it figures.

The pouch houses all my hexie worthy scraps, scissors, thread and the paper pieces. Then I keep my other scissors (why two? who knows) in the other container and plunk the finished hexies in there. I had a bunch that I’ve already sewn together but they’ve already moved down to my production area (aka corner of the basement).