Friday Create Along

Here are some reveals.

Wipe container letters and numbers? Ta da!

Lavender sachets? Ta da!

Crocheted slippers? . . . pass for now.

Up next this cute little phone pouch pattern available from Nap Kitten. I assure you this pattern is much easier than her wallet, ailment which kicked off this Create Along adventure.

3 Responses to Friday Create Along

  1. I’m totally in love with that anchor fabrik from the phone pouch. I’m a total sucker for anchors. That would be THE perfect fabric for a nice blouse.

    really like those lavender sachets :)

  2. Great job on the sachets!

  3. Tara! I stumbled upon your cute cozies on Etsy so I had to blog about them! Your creativity inspires me to try some of your DIYs. I love your blog!! Here’s the post I did:

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