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Why I need to read magazines the day they come out.

Last night I caught up on my Gathered by Mollie Makes issues. I found this in last week’s edition.

Sadly, it seems kinda silly to shout it from the roof tops now that today’s issue is out. Which, by the way, I read this morning with a tea lazing on the couch.

Also, I know I’ve said it before, but Gathered and Mollie Makes are ridiculously awesome publications. You MUST subscribe. Yes, must.

My friend made me pins!

And they’re super stinking fun! My friend Joanna made these for me and they’re such beautiful pins.

Spot my cozies on the Martha Stewart Show!

Well thanks to some help from Outright.com to pay for my part of my Etsy Success Symposium trip, I was able to justify traveling back to NYC this past weekend to be part of The Etsy Show at the Martha Stewart Show. It was a special show with the audience made up of only Etsy sellers. We were invited to attend, many of the people had been at the symposium as well.

I know I still haven’t gotten to writing much about that day yet and here I am forging ahead but at the symposium I sort of stood out, being Canadian, having travelled so far, receiving the Outright scholarship thingie. I was known to Etsy admin and some of the people attending.

It was really neat to bump into many of them on Monday again. In fact, things ran a bit late and I realized it was after 4 and I had a 7:30 flight so I ran down to jump in line in front of Etsy admin Kimm so I could get out quick and run off to the subway. Luckily she remembered me, she had the job of telling all the people who were given corporate gifts at the symposium the good news so we spent some time talking.

The show is going to air tomorrow details here. I’m not even sure we get the channel up here in Canada so someone let me know if you get to see me waving my cup cozies around. I’m the one in the green shirt with a white cardigan. The girl behind me had a giant sparkly M so that might distract you but try to look out for me will ya!

Caution: Happy mail may cause happiness.

My package from Brianna arrived the other day.

Such lovely stuff! There were many exclamations of happiness while I unpacked everything! Here’s what I sent her way. I’ll be organizing one of these again for sure.

One of a Kind Craft show

Well I had fun, I bought some stuff, I bumped into some great people selling some awesome stuff . . . so basically it was a good day.

I bought a great screen printed wall hanging from Coucousalut, she has a lovely little blog, link to a shop and an Etsy shop of course. She drove all the way from Montreal to spend days and days sitting at her booth.

I grabbed some Pomegranate and Goji tea from Tealish, which is in downtown Toronto should you be in the area. The teas smelled amazing, AMAZING! I wanted to just crawl into the tins for some of them. I resisted and bought one, for now.

I also got some fun Misfit stickers from these lovely ladies. The stickers and felt dolls are ridiculously cute. They all have fun names and real life like quirks that might bother us but these little fellows embrace them.

I didn’t buy anything from Manitoba based Firewood but I thought the products were really great. Since they were screen printing I got talking to the guy manning the booth and found out they use remnants and found fabrics quite often.

I really wanted one of the book covers but I was having a case of the ‘I can make thats’ and just could do it. They even had little pouches made with fun Japanese cotton/linen prints, that they had screen printed on top of!! It took me a few minutes to mourn the hiding of cute prints.

They also have this great thing they’ll do – turn important clothing into bags.

The man at the booth told me they had made a bag for a girl because her dad played hockey and his dad played hockey and his dad played hockey and this one jacket was passed down and down. Then along she came, a girl who didn’t play hockey. So they turned this family heirloom jacket into a really awesome bag for her. Pretty cool!