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Thrifting Find.

My attention was drawn to this great vintage looking box at a cluttered store called Barn Finds out on Highway 28 just north of Port Hope here, east of my place.

It had a recipe box inside and the box contained . . . . bath bombs?! What the heck!?

Not sure what those have to do with recipes, I tossed them.

The box is metal and it’s totally awesome.

I love the colours and the design. I think I might use it to hold money while I save up for something fun. It’s cuter than the bank.

Mitten Bay

I have no clue where it is but I want to live there.

Found these at a thrift store in Kensington Market in Toronto. Also, why didn’t I have a Hoedown in Grade 1?!

Next mission is an authentic looking shirt to stitch on this collection. Oh and expand the collection too.

Super hoops

How fun are these?

Made from vintage linens found while thrifting. Some are embellished with some hand stitching. Get Batman and Robin here and the Wonder Woman here.

Thrifting fun.

So my bff and I went thrifting tonight. Our Bollywood dance class was cancelled and so we made plans to head out thrifting with out empty night. Of course I missed the phone call yesterday that apparently Bollywood was back on but we were already in Toronto and having fun so oh well.

We hit 4 theft stores after dinner. Not too shabby.
However, I didn’t thrift a thing. Technically. I found this Lug bag at a Goodwill for $10.01 (gotta love their prices). It’s in the marigold colour of the second bag but it’s the style of the green bag. I’ve liked the look of Lug bags for a while but they’re a bit pricey, especially when you have a tote/bag addition. Online this one is about $65. Nice find.

I passed up some nice Pyrex, I already have soooo much.

And I carried this great bag around for a while but decided I have one very similar already here at home, and plus I was already buying a bag! You know you’re an addict when . . .

Cool find

My friend and I spend Friday night hitting the not in Canada stores and then spend Saturday on a thrift fest. We hit about 6 different thrift stores before stopping for dinner and our drive home. We found a Salvation Army and it seemed to be a depot or big drop off one, there was a big garage for all the trucks to pull into and also this “AS IS” building. The big sign said it closed before the store so we headed in there to check it out.

It was soooooo strange. It was just a big warehouse type space, with an open roll up garage door to get in, and the stuff was just piled and piled on the tables. There seemed to be some attempt at organization, like a bunch of crutches piled in one corner, but other than that you just had to dig. It was so crazy and cool at the same time. I tried to nonchalantly snap some phone photos.

I did find this amazing creation.

The price said $3 but when I went to pay she said $1.25, it was all very mysterious. But even for $3 I couldn’t pass up the crafty awesomeness of it, and all that work someone put into it, it’s crazy.

The details are so cool. I have no clue how old it is but here’s a shot of what little info there is on it.

Red Boot Barn

Well, I had a great little trip into the U S of A on the weekend. Me and my BFF went over Friday and did some Target shopping and Olive Gardening that night. Then Saturday we hit numerous stores, Joann’s included, and did some epic thrifting.

I learned a few things about the thrift stores in the states – the prices are insanely cheap, things aren’t marked super high prices just because it’s got a brand name and the AS IS section at the Salvation Army is a bizarre and magical building. I’ll have to post my finds and adventures in more detail. Right now I wanted to share Red Boot Barn, where some of the Wednesday night with my best friend finds are ending up.

Lovely little gems like these,

Look at the blue of this bag! It’s amazing. I found one very similar on Saturday, a slightly different blue, for $2.95. I repeat $2.95! Insanity.

This bundt pan is great too. Again, an awesome colour. It would be a great kitchen decoration, or one of those handing lights that people seem to be turning pans into lately.

This luggage is great too. We saw a bunch of similar items while thrifting in the US, sadly it’s so tricky to find interiors worthy of actually picking up luggage either for resale or to use.

Now I’m inspired to share my finds from the weekend. I hope tomorrow is a sunny photo worthy day.

Recent Thrift Scores

I picked up these awesome canisters on my last Wednesday night out with my BFF.

I also got this little bit of awesomeness, a metal colander. I’ve wanted one for a while and I have a larger cream coloured one from a vintage shop so I’m happy to have a little friend for it. They’re great for displaying my magnet sets.

This Wednesday we’re out again, fingers crossed I get something fun again.

Oh my!

Did I really just miss almost a whole week of blogging?! Where does time go!?
Guess I’ve been fooling myself saying “Once school’s out I’ll have so much time to do things”. Summer vacation isn’t as productive when you have a 3 year old and 5 year old to entertain and play with.

I did manage to do some creating last week. I’m getting ready for the Broken Arts Fest I’ll be at on Saturday.

Here’s the one with that vintage fabric I thrifted a while back, love the little handkerchiefs.

This bunny fabric is fun. I’ve had scraps of it in packs I’ve ordered here and there and I finally just went ahead and ordered a half yard.

I’d better get catching up on my Create Along post, and writing about the Hamilton EtsyCA meet up, and sharing some random stuff . .


I should be making loads of new stock. Instead I’ve been sidetracked by making a new table cloth for my craft shows.

I ran out of doilies. But the beauty of this project is that it looks pretty awesome the way it is. I was planning on going all the way up so that the entire hanging down part of the sheet was covered in doilies. I’ve got to run off thrifting.

I usually use bright crazy coloured vintage sheets but I think my bright products will show up better on a more neutral background. I’ll take some photos at Saturday’s show and let you know. If you live in Peterborough come by the public library on Saturday afternoon, I’ll be hanging out there!

My thrifting scores

I did very well on my last thrifting outting. We stopped at 3 stores and I found something awesome at each of them, and the whole thing cost me about $20.

First up was 2 of these great tupperware containers. I gave one to my bff because they’re so cute and she’s remodelling her kitchen and these will fit perfectly.

Then at our next stop I discovered this great lovely off white/light grey Samsonite bag.

THEN at the next stop I found this huge pile of Pyrex just sitting all lonely on a shelf! Two big bowls and an oval casserole dish.

These are a super awesome find because I already have 2 matching bowls at home. If my luck keeps up I might have a set some day.