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Putting it out there.

Ok I guess in some wacky way this week seems to be about publically sharing my accomplishments and goals so I might as well carry on.  I’m working on another Etsy shop. I’ve set it up, it’s got a pretty banner, a cute name and now it just awaits creations!

It’s going to feature all the clutches, wallets and purses I make using the wonderful Michelle Patterns and hopefully I’ll start to move into my own designs.

Over the Christmas Holidays I’m going to work away on the Design Your Own Handbag class.  Click the link for 50% off if you’d like to join in the fun. Eventually I want to move into making my own PDF patterns and helping others to create great stuff. First learning graphics is on my list . . . oh and fabric design . . . and stamp carving . . and . .

Oh my!

Did I really just miss almost a whole week of blogging?! Where does time go!?
Guess I’ve been fooling myself saying “Once school’s out I’ll have so much time to do things”. Summer vacation isn’t as productive when you have a 3 year old and 5 year old to entertain and play with.

I did manage to do some creating last week. I’m getting ready for the Broken Arts Fest I’ll be at on Saturday.

Here’s the one with that vintage fabric I thrifted a while back, love the little handkerchiefs.

This bunny fabric is fun. I’ve had scraps of it in packs I’ve ordered here and there and I finally just went ahead and ordered a half yard.

I’d better get catching up on my Create Along post, and writing about the Hamilton EtsyCA meet up, and sharing some random stuff . .

Wow, it’s November?!

How’d that happen? I’ve got 2 craft shows to tackle this month as well as reports and parent interviews at school, and all that normal life kinda stuff too.  Busy, busy, busy.

Just wanted to draw attention to the lovely sponsors I managed to wrangle up for my first adventure in group posts and sharing the love.  Now how strange is it that Tera Sue is one of them!  Same name?  A 3 letter S word too?  So wacky!

But since we’re a pretty cool brand of people, any way you spell it, I’m super happy to have her here.  I did some poking around and discovered she makes amazing clutches.

I’ve seen Tera out and about in blogland so it’s nice to get to know a bit more about her. She works for Disney!? How cool is that? Well it sounds cool, I’m sure it’s not all singing birds and woodlands animals doing chores for you. She also draws nifty portraits here and here (scroll waaaay down if you click that one).