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Sharing the love continues, meet my sponsors.

It’s been a pleasure to have these lovely ladies hang out on my blog for the month of March. Thank you all for taking time to contribute to this post, telling us all what you’re looking forward to this spring and for your generous coupon code and giveaway offerings!

Hi! My name is Shirley. I am a 29 year old from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I am a wife and a mother of 2 exceptionally adorable children (though I may be biased in that opinion!). I own the creative business The Orange Windmill, where I sell leather journals and notebooks. I also run the blog, Trees.Hides., where I write artist features, inspiration, link-ups, finds, family posts and goofiness. Come on over – I would love to see you join in the fun!

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I am pleased to offer 15% off in my Etsy shop to readers with the coupon code: SEWTARA15

I am looking forward to being able to go outside without a heavy winter coat on. It was warm enough today to not wear a coat at all, and it was lovely!

Hi, I’m Margot. I’m a country living, want-to-be Newfoundlander, and soon-to-be new Mama. Currently, in between baby preparations, I spend my time sewing, baking, and getting my garden ready – I am so looking forward to the journey that lies ahead of me, won’t you stop by and say hello :)

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Coupon: NEW20 for 20% off, because I have two new lines being added this month!

As we move into spring, as well as the beautiful blooms and bright colours, I am so looking forward to sandals, skirts and shorts. Bending over to put on socks/shoes is getting a little tired, and difficult. Only 8 weeks until the due date!

Hey! I’m Jessica, from My Love is Growing. I love making unwanted things look pretty and functional again. Last August, my husband and I purchased our first house, an 84-year old charmer that needed a little bit of love. Right now we’re working on renovating it into the perfect starter home. Follow us as we tear down walls, change out light fixtures, pick paint colours, install cabinets, well pretty much anything relating to a renovation… We’re learning a lot as we go and love sharing our story with you!

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This spring, I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do with my house since it’ll be our very first spring! I’m hoping to plant new shrubs and flowers, give our front door a fresh new look and finally buy a bbq for grilling season!

Hi! My name is Celeste and I’m 29 years old. I’ve been married to my best friend for 5 incredible years now. No children yet, but we do have a cat and dog that we view as our kids. I love to create cute jewelry, adorable hair accessories, and lovable felt creations.

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Some of my jewelry is 50% off during the month of March.

This spring I look forward to my creativity to be motivated by the Spring weather. I opened my Etsy shop during the Winter, so I’m excited to see what bright colors and new creations will develop in my shop during Spring.

Please visit these lovely ladies, if you find something you like let us know in the comments!


Well hello there! So is everyone as busy as I am? This week is just crazy. I’m having a Christmas-Birthday Extravaganza with my bff on Wednesday, Nate’s 3rd birthday party on Thursday, Nate’s actual birthday on Friday, the hubby’s Christmas with his family on Saturday, Christmas on Sunday and then at about 6pm we head off to a hotel to sleep for the night before we leave for our 6am flight on Monday!

Yipes, it’s stressing me out just to type it all. So let’s have some fun instead and take a few moments to browse around and visit some awesome ladies. I didn’t actually assign homework in this busy, busy month so I’ve just ran around and found some of the things I like best about my sponsors.

Krista from Thar She Sews!

I love this Baby’s First Ornament DIY! It can also be made for anyones anytime Christmas. There’s still a few days, get sewing!

I love the fact that it can be made with scraps!

Katy from The Funky Monkey here is her shop.
This giraffe hair clip holder is really cute . . . wonder if I could use it.

Janee from Yellow Bird Yellow Beard

I know I just made some soft blocks for a friend but how cool are these ones with this fun cloud pattern? I’m also crushing on George.

Sara from Sarbear’s Journey

I love this earring DIY Sara shares on her blog. It’s a new goal of mine to accessorize more and that’s lead me to the problem of storing said accessories. This is a great solution for earring overpopulation.

Faith over at the Bartering Blogger is just super giving. She’s always linking people, sharing the love and well, bartering. Pop on over if your RSS feed is in need of some more great blogs and creative ladies.

My photographer friend Joanna takes awesome pics (handy isn’t it) she’s got a lovely website and a Facebook page. We’ve been doing shows together and we’ve been making magnets too. She’s got a shop too but with a little wee baby at home she’s kinda busy. She took this great photo of Nate’s little toes when he was just 6 or so months old.


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Where is time going?! It’s just flying by!

That said, I’d like to take once last moment to point out the lovely links I’ve been sharing this month and to also let you know that you can be one of the lovely links shared for December. I love the online community and how we all share the love. Not only have I been highlighting these ladies but the they’ve been great tweeting or re-tweeting things and all the cross promotion has been great.

Click here to see all the fun info.

Have you met these lovely ladies?

I sent them some homework and asked them to answer this question, “How did you come to be living this creative life?” Here’s their answers, some fun pics and clicky links.

I have always been creative from a very young age. I come from a family of artists and crafters and was lucky enough to be surrounded by grandparents and parents who nurtured my creative and quirky personality. Over 25 years of creating art and I’m not teaching my mentors tips and tricks.

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COUPON CODE: Friends (20% off in my shop)

Growing up, my mom was very creative. I would tag along with her to craft shows where she would sell hand-sewn rabbit dolls, hair bows, and various other items. She was always sketching and sewing around our home as well. As I aged, my home life and family changed quite a bit, and I turned to my creativity as a healthy way to express myself and to find comfort. Rather than taking band or choir in school, I took art classes and extra home-economics classes where I learned to cook and sew. I was the super cool middle schooler doing cross-stich as a hobby. In high school I joined more activities but continued taking as many home economics and art classes as possible and scribbling in my notebooks and journals in my free time. Since then I’ve earned an Associates of Arts and continued to take a class here and there, but have more so struck out on my own to see where my creativity can take me. I’m really excited to see and have plans of opening a handmade etsy shop in 2012.

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Wow, it’s November?!

How’d that happen? I’ve got 2 craft shows to tackle this month as well as reports and parent interviews at school, and all that normal life kinda stuff too.  Busy, busy, busy.

Just wanted to draw attention to the lovely sponsors I managed to wrangle up for my first adventure in group posts and sharing the love.  Now how strange is it that Tera Sue is one of them!  Same name?  A 3 letter S word too?  So wacky!

But since we’re a pretty cool brand of people, any way you spell it, I’m super happy to have her here.  I did some poking around and discovered she makes amazing clutches.

I’ve seen Tera out and about in blogland so it’s nice to get to know a bit more about her. She works for Disney!? How cool is that? Well it sounds cool, I’m sure it’s not all singing birds and woodlands animals doing chores for you. She also draws nifty portraits here and here (scroll waaaay down if you click that one).