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Simcoe Street Market is restocked. Toe Beans Cat Cafe has my cat themed creations.

With the lack of craft shows and inability to be a vendor in person I’ve been on a mission to have my items in local small businesses. I’ve been working for a while with Isabella’s cafe and look forward to being able to pop in again for a tea and some tasty treats.

Recently I added two new storefronts to my list. Toe Beans Cat Cafe in Port Hope where you can adopt the cute furry little friends who are lounging about. Lots of info is on their Facebook page. They have a selection of my scrappy cup cozies and magnets made specifically with cat themed prints. I donated my time and did some sewing for them and was surprise rewarded with a box of baked goods which I must say were delicious and adorable!

I’ve also stocked, and now restocked Simcoe Street Market with my masks, scrappy cup cozies and magnets. Located in beautiful Beaverton on the cute little main street the shop is full of the lovely creations of many, many talented makers. Definitely worth checking out and browsing the wares.

Frame purses finally finished.

I absolutely love making frame purses but they are truly a labour of love. Often I have to take breaks when sewing them on as the fabric gets very thick at parts and the needle digs into my poor fingers.

They are so beautiful though.

I’ll be going on a mission to find chains for them so I can use them as little hands free purses.

Whew, what a ride eh?

Boy have things been wacky lately or what?! Along with having time to read, listen to audio books, tech kindergarten online and be physically active I also have been making oodles and oodles of masks!

So. Many. Masks.

It’s been a fun fabric stash busting adventure and great to donate some, sell some and protect lots of people I care about.


Here’s the quick version of some things I’ve been up to. It’s basically zippered pouch making madness! I’ve made soooo many the past week.

Currently they are destined to join me on Sunday June 23rd at The Makers Hub for their Made in Canada Market.

This year’s pin up adventure.

Once again we headed out to Port Dover for a weekend away with the perks of me learning some fun hair and make up tips from the lovely Ella, aka Miss Victory Violet. I signed up for two Sunday workshops and Saturday the Southside Vixens were hosting the Rockabilly Rev Up so there were some fun activities going on that day. We had dinner at the venue and then stayed to watch jive dance lessons, listen to some music and watch the Pin Up contest.

We had a different room from last year at the massive Clommel Castle. It was a nice little room but had a shared bathroom which I didn’t realise when booking so we spent a large amount of time stressing about how to know if someone else was in there or not. Basically at check out the owner informed us that she had locked the door to the other room making it a private bathroom!

The first workshop was a hair and make up lesson. It was the same one I had participated in last year but I was happy to do it again and refresh my mind on how to do a 50’s style brush out. I had to set my hair the night before and sleep on the curls, which is always fun.

Ella used the also lovely Miss Boom Boom Knox as her hair and make up model (who is also the owner of Retro Peaches FYI).

I was happy with my 50’s brush out, seems I was able to remember and apply some techniques from last year.

We then carried on after a little lunch break and tried our hands at a poodle hair cut, like Lucielle Ball used to wear all the time. Mine didn’t go so well. I admitted defeat.

We also worked on victory rolls and a gibson roll. It went really well! I had a hard time with the bumper bangs because I have shorter bangs and haircute than are ideal for the style. But I made it work, mostly with lots of hairspray.

Poorly lit drive home but stopped for dinner at a restaurant photo to show the back.

Now I just have to work up the courage to try all these looks myself and not wait for a workshop and expert handy to give it a go!

I learned a thing!

I took a class recently at The Workroom . It’s the Herringbone Patchwork class taught by Johanna Masko who you can stalk on Instagram here. It involved ‘partial seams’ which are really neat but can hurt your head if you get thinking about them, which you have to do. It takes a seriously underestimated amount of brain power to pull this design off.

I’ve only made a quilt here and there and on my own, or as I did in university with the help of a library book so this was a new to me experience. The pattern is quite mind bending! Literally.

I quickly realised, while chatting with people in the class only to look down and see I had made mistakes, that this isn’t a ‘toss on some Netflix and get your sew on’ kind of project. We needed buddies to check our work. Even then mistakes were found. Once I got home and was buddyless and working on my own there was a lot of ‘reverse sewing’ to say the least.

But the results are lovely and very different. I’m grateful for having learned such a neat technique. Now to turn it into a pillow as Johanna intended!

Pin Up excursions

While these aren’t really crafty endevours they certainly are creative! I participated in a few things last year and learned to do make up and hair pin up style. It was so fun.

My first one was with the Toronto Pin Up Academy. It was a gift from my handsome man, in hindsight a little bit self serving, and I had so much fun! It was a bit of a shame when it was over I was only coming home. It was hilarious fitting into the car with a giant crinoline!

The other one was held in lovely Port Dover, Ontario and led by Miss Victory Violet. Here’s her Instagram which is full of vintage prettiness. We only went for the Saturday overnight, in hindsight it would have been fun to do the full weekend.

We arrived on the Saturday afternoon and I spent my time in the bathroom with her YouTube tutorials trying to get all Pin Up-ified to join the party that night. I totally had imposter syndrome worrying that the ladies who had sone the Saturday workshop were much more prepared and refined than I was. But I did alright.

The labour of love in progress. Sure makes your arms tired! I did the heat set and pin it method modified from the overnight foam roller video on her channel.

We spent the Sunday doing out hair and make up under the guidance, and with some free loot, from Ella.

Ella was absolutely adorable, full of hair and make up knowledge and every so tiny!

When we all posed together we really looked like amazing, like you’d walked into a time warp or some such.

Again it was a bit funny because after we all posed all beautiful and looking like a blast from the past I switched to my jeans and a comfy shirt and we drove the 2 plus hours home just so I could have a shower . . .

I’m totally looking forward to signing up for her workshop again this year. Hoping it’s at a time I can run away for the weekend too!

My next few shows

Oh hello. Figured it was time for an update!
It’s sort of a local people friendly update but still. Here are the places I’ll be in the next little bit if you’d like to come say hello and see some amazing creators selling their wares.

First up this Friday evening I’ll be at the Holiday Art Market.

After flying home to sleep I’ll be waking up early Saturday morning to head on out to the fabulous Make It Indie in Cobourg, I honestly love, love, love, this show.

Then I’ve given myself a bit of a break but not too long before I head over to the Handmade With Heart, another great gathering of creative people and wonderful workshops.

Day 9 of recovery

So this has been me for a while, 9 days to be exact.

I had the hardware removed out of my ankle on March 28th. It wasn’t quite as advertised. The surgeon told me I could walk out of the surgery and it hasn’t been quite that easy. I did take 2 steps that day but mostly used my crutches. I ditched them in the morning and I’d been hobbling about since.

It was foot up for 48-72 hours so that was fun. Lots of portable crafting.

I was supposed to go back to work Monday, but then because the pain was bad I thought Tuesday. But THEN because of the nature of my classroom I’m going to extend it yet again and go back Monday. I think I’ll be ok then, except I’ll have to wear slippers because putting a shoe on moves and squishes the bandages and only my slippers seem to be ok.

Next Wednesday they’ll take out the staples and unwrap it so I should be good for footwear Thursday and hey, it’s a short week with the long weekend coming. In the meantime I’m getting loads of things finished and created!


Tried a new craft, glassblowing.

Instead of flowers this Valentine’s Day my man got us a glassblowing class where we made flowers!

It was really neat. The process is so mind blowing. I get sewing, you just put two things together and add more things. Even out of a need – clothing, blankets or whatever. Knitting and crochet hurts my brain but again I get how it came to be. Glassblowing boggles my mind. The oven is over 2000 degrees, things have to be heated up just so. The glass has to cool down slowly over hours and hours so it doesn’t explode or crack. It’s just zany. I have no idea how this was invented, pursued and successful. You can *die* doing it, or get seriously injured.

So we went to Playing With Fire for this wonderful adventure. Here’s their Facebook page.

Those are the little small crushed pieces of glass we dipped out hot ball of lava class into to colour our flowers. The outside colour is put on first, then the outer. I put green for the outside and purple for the inside.

The rod can get really hot so they hold your hands back a bit. I don’t know why you just get these arm sleeve things, it’s your fingers that would get toasty if you got close enough. Then we had to take them to another oven, where you wear special UV blocking glasses because if you look at it it’s like looking at the sun! You add more glass there and then bring it over to a bench where the lovely ladies turned it and we had to pull on the glass, it was kinda like taffy, and a bit unnerving.

My boyfriend was better at it, less fearful and stronger. I was hesitant to get right in there which makes sense as you’re brain is telling you there’s danger! While it’s still really red and hot it does ‘cool’ quite quickly and gets harder to pull.

I love how his looked like a starfish while he was making it.

Then we had to do the stem making part. We pulled the flower head straight from the bottom and it created the stem. It seemed so fragile. I twisted my stem into a curly bit while Adam left his straight.

It was also very strange to work on a project and not really know what it was going to look like when you are finished. It’s still glowing red hot while you’re working so the colours don’t show. If by chance something does break during the making or in the kiln cooling down then they just toss it back into the oven and melt the glass down to reuse as a molten lump.

They were about to make a vase as we were leaving and invited us to stay and watch if we wanted. It was so cool. It all takes two people, again making it unbelievable this craft exists, and not only do you move around a big long stick with molten glass on it you also blow into that stick! It was really neat to see.

Once they’re shaping it, spinning it on the bench where I pulled my flower shape, they rub the outside with old pages of the newspaper, which sizzle, blacken and spark while they do it.

Again, it’s wacky but beaitiful.