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Have you met these lovely ladies?

I sent them some homework and asked them to answer this question, “How did you come to be living this creative life?” Here’s their answers, some fun pics and clicky links.

I have always been creative from a very young age. I come from a family of artists and crafters and was lucky enough to be surrounded by grandparents and parents who nurtured my creative and quirky personality. Over 25 years of creating art and I’m not teaching my mentors tips and tricks.

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Growing up, my mom was very creative. I would tag along with her to craft shows where she would sell hand-sewn rabbit dolls, hair bows, and various other items. She was always sketching and sewing around our home as well. As I aged, my home life and family changed quite a bit, and I turned to my creativity as a healthy way to express myself and to find comfort. Rather than taking band or choir in school, I took art classes and extra home-economics classes where I learned to cook and sew. I was the super cool middle schooler doing cross-stich as a hobby. In high school I joined more activities but continued taking as many home economics and art classes as possible and scribbling in my notebooks and journals in my free time. Since then I’ve earned an Associates of Arts and continued to take a class here and there, but have more so struck out on my own to see where my creativity can take me. I’m really excited to see and have plans of opening a handmade etsy shop in 2012.

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