Oh my!

Did I really just miss almost a whole week of blogging?! Where does time go!?
Guess I’ve been fooling myself saying “Once school’s out I’ll have so much time to do things”. Summer vacation isn’t as productive when you have a 3 year old and 5 year old to entertain and play with.

I did manage to do some creating last week. I’m getting ready for the Broken Arts Fest I’ll be at on Saturday.

Here’s the one with that vintage fabric I thrifted a while back, love the little handkerchiefs.

This bunny fabric is fun. I’ve had scraps of it in packs I’ve ordered here and there and I finally just went ahead and ordered a half yard.

I’d better get catching up on my Create Along post, and writing about the Hamilton EtsyCA meet up, and sharing some random stuff . .

4 Responses to Oh my!

  1. Great fabric! And I love these shape of these bags too, very cute.

  2. Those wallets are adorable! Are they a Keiko Lou pattern? I love all of her designs!
    This week sure has gone fast – I’m a teacher, so I thought I’d have all kinds of free time in the summer, but somehow it’s filling up fast! :) I did manage to post about the ETsy event though: http://crafting-a-rainbow.tumblr.com/post/26699749532/hexi-piecing-with-etsy-and-the-beehive-craft-collective
    Not sure if you’ll remember me, but you came over to my sister and I at the window right as we were leaving. She’s a knitter, I’m a sewer. (Sew-er, not sewer!) Your purple hair was easy to remember! :)

  3. These are so cute, and I just love all the fabrics! The bunnies are the cutest!! xo Heather

  4. Oh yeah hi! They are made with a Keyka Lou/Michelle’s patterns er, pattern. I love her stuff.
    I’ll have to check out your post when I get home. Thanks for stopping by. Try to enjoy the next 8ish weeks :)

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