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USA shopping scores

Well I guess it’s about time I actually sit down to write this post about the fun things I picked up on my USA excursion at the beginning of the month.

I got this amazing bag, that I’ve been using almost non stop since, for $3. Actually, not even $3 I’m rounding up. Insanely good find.

I got some great clothes, which I suppose call for some outfit posts. But that’s a tricky one since I’m usually the one behind the camera, I really need to change that.

Other than that my scores happened in JoAnn’s, surprise surprise.

Some FQs just because.

A taste of Denise Schmidt.

Some yardage. Apparently I was in a floral sort of mood.

Whales because how could I not buy those!?! Sure I had a moment of “Gee I’m 30 something should I really be shopping from the juvenile section for myself!?” but I *had* to get these whales.

And I found an english translation of a Japanese craft book I already own. Since I had some coupons the book was half price and I figured it might work like a little guide to help me decode my ever growing stash of Japanese craft books. I have 2 new Cotton Time magazines and today I figured out which symbols say ‘fold’ so I’m pretty proud of myself.

I know it involves more hexies but I need to get around to making this, again it’s just too awesome.

I also picked up some ridiculously cute scrubs that I plan to hack to bits and sew into other stuff.

Red Boot Barn

Well, I had a great little trip into the U S of A on the weekend. Me and my BFF went over Friday and did some Target shopping and Olive Gardening that night. Then Saturday we hit numerous stores, Joann’s included, and did some epic thrifting.

I learned a few things about the thrift stores in the states – the prices are insanely cheap, things aren’t marked super high prices just because it’s got a brand name and the AS IS section at the Salvation Army is a bizarre and magical building. I’ll have to post my finds and adventures in more detail. Right now I wanted to share Red Boot Barn, where some of the Wednesday night with my best friend finds are ending up.

Lovely little gems like these,

Look at the blue of this bag! It’s amazing. I found one very similar on Saturday, a slightly different blue, for $2.95. I repeat $2.95! Insanity.

This bundt pan is great too. Again, an awesome colour. It would be a great kitchen decoration, or one of those handing lights that people seem to be turning pans into lately.

This luggage is great too. We saw a bunch of similar items while thrifting in the US, sadly it’s so tricky to find interiors worthy of actually picking up luggage either for resale or to use.

Now I’m inspired to share my finds from the weekend. I hope tomorrow is a sunny photo worthy day.

My thrifting scores

I did very well on my last thrifting outting. We stopped at 3 stores and I found something awesome at each of them, and the whole thing cost me about $20.

First up was 2 of these great tupperware containers. I gave one to my bff because they’re so cute and she’s remodelling her kitchen and these will fit perfectly.

Then at our next stop I discovered this great lovely off white/light grey Samsonite bag.

THEN at the next stop I found this huge pile of Pyrex just sitting all lonely on a shelf! Two big bowls and an oval casserole dish.

These are a super awesome find because I already have 2 matching bowls at home. If my luck keeps up I might have a set some day.