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USA shopping scores

Well I guess it’s about time I actually sit down to write this post about the fun things I picked up on my USA excursion at the beginning of the month.

I got this amazing bag, that I’ve been using almost non stop since, for $3. Actually, not even $3 I’m rounding up. Insanely good find.

I got some great clothes, which I suppose call for some outfit posts. But that’s a tricky one since I’m usually the one behind the camera, I really need to change that.

Other than that my scores happened in JoAnn’s, surprise surprise.

Some FQs just because.

A taste of Denise Schmidt.

Some yardage. Apparently I was in a floral sort of mood.

Whales because how could I not buy those!?! Sure I had a moment of “Gee I’m 30 something should I really be shopping from the juvenile section for myself!?” but I *had* to get these whales.

And I found an english translation of a Japanese craft book I already own. Since I had some coupons the book was half price and I figured it might work like a little guide to help me decode my ever growing stash of Japanese craft books. I have 2 new Cotton Time magazines and today I figured out which symbols say ‘fold’ so I’m pretty proud of myself.

I know it involves more hexies but I need to get around to making this, again it’s just too awesome.

I also picked up some ridiculously cute scrubs that I plan to hack to bits and sew into other stuff.

Friday’s stop over in Watertown, NY

On my way to Ottawa this past weekend I left super early on Friday morning to make a pit stop across the border in Watertown, NY because there was a Target and a Joann’s. There was a big line up heading into the US and while I was waiting I saw the huge line to get back into Canada and was worried I’d be super stuck travelling back at about 5pm but all was good.

I thought getting through the border would be pretty easy, I’m a girl, you’re a girl, I’m going to Target, but I was asked a lot of questions and had to open my trunk and such . . . but then I was let into the US!

I picked up some fun fabrics in Joann’s.

I’m in love with this mustardy print.

I paired it up with this pretty grey fabric, no project in mind at all, just love the combo.

I also picked up some woodgrain, because you can always use more woodgrain fabrics!

And this vintage rose sort of print. I must be developing a thing for yellow recently.

Now what to make, what to make . .

Steggie #2 and some great buys.

Finally finished Wesley’s Steggie a few days ago, orange and blue as he requested (I’m such a nice Mommy).  Here are the 2 Steggie brothers just hanging out.

He turned out pretty cute.  Not sure I want to attempt another one right now, I’m taking a Steggie break.  I’ll move onto a different One Yard Wonders project now thank you very much!

More fun exciting handmade mail arrived for me!  I figured with my growing collection of sewing and craft books I needed some cute bookplates.

They’re one of the many wonderful creations by Cabin and Cub.  I’m totally in love with this piece but really need to wait on making yet another purchase.

While on my cross border shopping spree I picked up these 2 cute fabrics, can’t wait to make a bag or tote of some sort out of them!  The green checkered one with the little apples was on sale for $3 a yard!  I should have bought more.

And while I love this little forest wristlet from Hot Butter I just ordered a bag from her, and it’s awesome and all but pretty soon I might have to seek professional help for my bag/tote/purse buying.  Instead I found the cute mushroom fabric while at Joann’s and picked up a yard just to have on hand in case I am inspired to make my own purse of some form someday, sorry Ashley Ann.  Shhhhh, in my mind it’s not the same as buying one to add to my collection.

What was doing the night before our flight to England?

Making this!!

I wanted to try to make a messenger bag and I’ve been holding onto this super cute Heidi Grace fabric for a while and was happy to finally use it.

I added the little green heart just for fun.  The inside is just a cute swirly orange fabric I found somewhere. I’ve been reluctant to use the fabric since I had to get it on one of my road trips to Joann’s, and those don’t happen as often as I like!  If anyone from Joann’s is reading this, please build some stores in Canada!  I beg you.

I’d still like to make the strap adjustable but I was being impatient and wanted to take the bag on the plane with me.