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Publishing and published!

Well here I am again. Decided to come back to writing on this blog thing I created, back in 2009. Spring is here, things are emerging again, new growth, it’s time for me to join in on all that fun. So let’s start with some fun news I was recently published in a book.


First off I’m in this lovely little book with my friend Mollie. We created a neat little library tote project combining sewing and embroidery.


Book’s with Mollie’s signature cute little faces!


Secondly, I also contributed to this book that was published a little bit ago. My fun little travel car cozy and playmat was included.


It’s so nice to contribute to things that get people creating and making stuff.
Also kind of neat to see your name in print!

A Little Shopping

While in Toronto for BlissdomCA I made the epic walk to The Workroom.

Picked up these fun fat quarters, it seems it was a pink and blue day.

I also picked up one of those cross stitchable pendants. Not sure what I’m putting on it yet but I’ve got some fun ideas.

Also, yeah it’s Friday and I still haven’t finished what I said I would for my Create Along, once again, such is life.

USA shopping scores

Well I guess it’s about time I actually sit down to write this post about the fun things I picked up on my USA excursion at the beginning of the month.

I got this amazing bag, that I’ve been using almost non stop since, for $3. Actually, not even $3 I’m rounding up. Insanely good find.

I got some great clothes, which I suppose call for some outfit posts. But that’s a tricky one since I’m usually the one behind the camera, I really need to change that.

Other than that my scores happened in JoAnn’s, surprise surprise.

Some FQs just because.

A taste of Denise Schmidt.

Some yardage. Apparently I was in a floral sort of mood.

Whales because how could I not buy those!?! Sure I had a moment of “Gee I’m 30 something should I really be shopping from the juvenile section for myself!?” but I *had* to get these whales.

And I found an english translation of a Japanese craft book I already own. Since I had some coupons the book was half price and I figured it might work like a little guide to help me decode my ever growing stash of Japanese craft books. I have 2 new Cotton Time magazines and today I figured out which symbols say ‘fold’ so I’m pretty proud of myself.

I know it involves more hexies but I need to get around to making this, again it’s just too awesome.

I also picked up some ridiculously cute scrubs that I plan to hack to bits and sew into other stuff.

How come no one told me!?

So there’s this whole obsession with 1930’s fabric for quilts.  While at the Creativ Festival I couldn’t resist picking up a . . . few fat quarters. I looooved these prints and the jelly roll thingie, which I have no idea how I’m supposed to use but I’ll figure it out.

Top trio is from Hamel’s Fabrics and the bottom stash is from Garden Thyme.

Then here’s the other things I picked up that are just fun really, not 1930’s ish.

First haul if from Sew Sister’s Quilt Shop in Toronto. I also had no idea just how many cool quilting shops are relatively nearby.

This fun stash if from Country Concessions. I plan to use it for crayon and car cozies, and the fun Dick and Jane print will be my ipad cover (once I save up enough to get it).

Here’s the neat prints I grabbed at the Quilter’s Palette booth. Again for fun kid projects.

Last one, I said there were many, is from the Quilters’ Line. More fun kid themed things, and some woodgrain because that’s just cool.