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Guess How Much I Love Sharing the Love?

Years ago one of my earliest blog posts was all about my son Nate’s nursery. I had lucked out on a warehouse clean out after contacting the publisher and I bought a bunch of Guess How Much I Love you themed stuff that seemed to be part of the very hard last to find things out there.

Pardon the evil pictures, as I said early post.
While wandering at the Spring One of a Kind Craft Show a booth caught my eye, Country Clothesline. Not only were her items pretty, she used words like me ‘vintagey’ and she somehow had some Guess How Much I Love You fabric in her items and stash!


She’s got a pillowcase and another and quilt.


I used to get emails often asking me where my stuff was and what I was keeping and could people purchase it. I eventually went through it and parted with that I was willing to pass on to another mother.

How come no one told me!?

So there’s this whole obsession with 1930’s fabric for quilts.  While at the Creativ Festival I couldn’t resist picking up a . . . few fat quarters. I looooved these prints and the jelly roll thingie, which I have no idea how I’m supposed to use but I’ll figure it out.

Top trio is from Hamel’s Fabrics and the bottom stash is from Garden Thyme.

Then here’s the other things I picked up that are just fun really, not 1930’s ish.

First haul if from Sew Sister’s Quilt Shop in Toronto. I also had no idea just how many cool quilting shops are relatively nearby.

This fun stash if from Country Concessions. I plan to use it for crayon and car cozies, and the fun Dick and Jane print will be my ipad cover (once I save up enough to get it).

Here’s the neat prints I grabbed at the Quilter’s Palette booth. Again for fun kid projects.

Last one, I said there were many, is from the Quilters’ Line. More fun kid themed things, and some woodgrain because that’s just cool.

Handmade Beginnings = want!!

Went to the bookstore Thursday while Wesley was at pre-school, figured I’d let Nate play at the Thomas table there without a big brother taking all the fun toys.  Strangely enough, he usually just ends up playing beside some 3 year old who acts like Wesley.  Or wandering around.  I swear he doesn’t really know what to do with toys he is usually being ordered around or redirected.

I flipped through Handmade Beginnings while I waited.  I must have it.  Lots of willpower was used in the non-buying of this book.  There’s been too much shopping lately.  It is however near the top of my wishlist now!  There’s a great pillow pattern in there and an awesome hide and seek quilt as well. Anna Maria Horner also have a nifty little blog as well as another book.