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Handmade Beginnings = want!!

Went to the bookstore Thursday while Wesley was at pre-school, figured I’d let Nate play at the Thomas table there without a big brother taking all the fun toys.  Strangely enough, he usually just ends up playing beside some 3 year old who acts like Wesley.  Or wandering around.  I swear he doesn’t really know what to do with toys he is usually being ordered around or redirected.

I flipped through Handmade Beginnings while I waited.  I must have it.  Lots of willpower was used in the non-buying of this book.  There’s been too much shopping lately.  It is however near the top of my wishlist now!  There’s a great pillow pattern in there and an awesome hide and seek quilt as well. Anna Maria Horner also have a nifty little blog as well as another book.