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I splurged a bit.

When my shop was featured I had some money come in and it was just my birthday and some lovely people gave me money too so I decided to treat myself to some of my Etsy wishes. Since I have a tote/purse/bag weakness I stumbled upon, and fell in love with, this bag from luckycann.

I had a terrible time deciding on the colour I wanted.

Now that it’s arrived I’m totally in love with it and want to order more colours just because!

Just for fun I wanted to share what I actually carry in my bag! It’s funny when the bag I’m using is one I’ve made myself because when people ask “Did you make that?” I usually answer with “Yes and this and this and this and this . . ”

Clockwise from top left – budgeting envelope, coin purse, wallet (pattern here), notebook with cover (tutorial here), purse organizer (pattern here), thing I put my earbuds in (pattern here), sunglass case, pencil case (pattern here) and in the middle, of course, my cup cozy!

Modcloth, I love you.

Ohhhhh this came for me today! It’s the
Bows Upon Bows Cardigan

I love it. Love, love, love it!

I had
Wave Reviews Cardigan
in my cart but took it out, but put it back, but took it out . . .

It’s even on sale now! Wishlisted it is.

I also ordered this, even though the only size left was a touch too big. It was on sale for a ridiculously low price, I just couldn’t pass it up!

Nothing a little work with a serger can’t fix.

I have a new love.

It’s ModCloth. My dress collection is expanding.

An Apple a Day Trip Dress in Plus Size

An Apple a Day Trip Dress in Plus Size

This one just arrived today. It’s ridiculously perfect, great print, it’s super soft and it happens to fit me perfectly.

Encircled in Sweetness Dress

Encircled in Sweetness Dress

I picked this one up a little while ago. I had it in my cart and everything but it sold out before I checked out. Then I waited for what seemed like forever, I assumed it was out of stock for good. Then one day I got the ‘Hey an item you want is back in stock!” email. I’m pretty sure a purchase was never made faster.

About the Artist Dress

About the Artist Dress

I’ve owned this one for months and months. The strange thing is I have a 3x in this dress and it’s snug while I have 1xs in the other dresses *shrug* So check the measurements, descriptions and reviews as they’re really helpful for helping you make the right size choice.

Because ModCloth has new stuff daily it’s really hard not to check it out constantly. Right now, after having lost over 40 pounds, I’m still in the 1x size but if I happen to drop down some more I’m in big trouble because then I’ll be able to fit into more of the things they sell, might be dangerous. That’s also why it’s probably best I don’t know how the shoes would fit . . .

USA shopping scores

Well I guess it’s about time I actually sit down to write this post about the fun things I picked up on my USA excursion at the beginning of the month.

I got this amazing bag, that I’ve been using almost non stop since, for $3. Actually, not even $3 I’m rounding up. Insanely good find.

I got some great clothes, which I suppose call for some outfit posts. But that’s a tricky one since I’m usually the one behind the camera, I really need to change that.

Other than that my scores happened in JoAnn’s, surprise surprise.

Some FQs just because.

A taste of Denise Schmidt.

Some yardage. Apparently I was in a floral sort of mood.

Whales because how could I not buy those!?! Sure I had a moment of “Gee I’m 30 something should I really be shopping from the juvenile section for myself!?” but I *had* to get these whales.

And I found an english translation of a Japanese craft book I already own. Since I had some coupons the book was half price and I figured it might work like a little guide to help me decode my ever growing stash of Japanese craft books. I have 2 new Cotton Time magazines and today I figured out which symbols say ‘fold’ so I’m pretty proud of myself.

I know it involves more hexies but I need to get around to making this, again it’s just too awesome.

I also picked up some ridiculously cute scrubs that I plan to hack to bits and sew into other stuff.

Red Boot Barn

Well, I had a great little trip into the U S of A on the weekend. Me and my BFF went over Friday and did some Target shopping and Olive Gardening that night. Then Saturday we hit numerous stores, Joann’s included, and did some epic thrifting.

I learned a few things about the thrift stores in the states – the prices are insanely cheap, things aren’t marked super high prices just because it’s got a brand name and the AS IS section at the Salvation Army is a bizarre and magical building. I’ll have to post my finds and adventures in more detail. Right now I wanted to share Red Boot Barn, where some of the Wednesday night with my best friend finds are ending up.

Lovely little gems like these,

Look at the blue of this bag! It’s amazing. I found one very similar on Saturday, a slightly different blue, for $2.95. I repeat $2.95! Insanity.

This bundt pan is great too. Again, an awesome colour. It would be a great kitchen decoration, or one of those handing lights that people seem to be turning pans into lately.

This luggage is great too. We saw a bunch of similar items while thrifting in the US, sadly it’s so tricky to find interiors worthy of actually picking up luggage either for resale or to use.

Now I’m inspired to share my finds from the weekend. I hope tomorrow is a sunny photo worthy day.

Friday’s stop over in Watertown, NY

On my way to Ottawa this past weekend I left super early on Friday morning to make a pit stop across the border in Watertown, NY because there was a Target and a Joann’s. There was a big line up heading into the US and while I was waiting I saw the huge line to get back into Canada and was worried I’d be super stuck travelling back at about 5pm but all was good.

I thought getting through the border would be pretty easy, I’m a girl, you’re a girl, I’m going to Target, but I was asked a lot of questions and had to open my trunk and such . . . but then I was let into the US!

I picked up some fun fabrics in Joann’s.

I’m in love with this mustardy print.

I paired it up with this pretty grey fabric, no project in mind at all, just love the combo.

I also picked up some woodgrain, because you can always use more woodgrain fabrics!

And this vintage rose sort of print. I must be developing a thing for yellow recently.

Now what to make, what to make . .

NYC loot

Cute notebooks, far too much washi tape, amazing fabrics and some silly cards.

This KOKKA fabric was $20/yard but I was smitten. I picked up 2 yards. No project in mind but I’ll find one I’m sure. Most likely a bag or tote . . . who am I kidding? I’ll make a bag or tote.

My weekend in Instagrams

I was extensively using the map apps on my phone and it kept dying while I was wandering NYC. Here are some of the photos I snapped over the weekend.

What I thought was the Brooklyn Bridge, but it’s actually the Manhattan Bridge. DUMBO = Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. What do I know, I’m Canadian!

Where the magic happens.

We walked a little bit from the Etsy offices to eat in this great ‘event space‘ the photo doesn’t do it justice, it was beautiful. It sort of hurts my brain that this place is in business because it sits there empty, but it was quite lovely. All brick and unfinished ceilings with pipes and such and it over looked a cute little patio/park area.

The trees were already budding, that’s not happening here at home yet, and it was really pretty in Red Hook Brooklyn where I was staying. Even with the drizzley rain.

Fun fabrics at the Brooklyn General Store. It was awesome in there, the displays were great and the fabric selections were super fun. I didn’t take many pictures in there, I didn’t want to be that camera yielding weirdo.

Hoop art wall at Purl Soho. Luckily for my wallet, they seemed to have loads of yarn and I was able to resist what fabric they did have. Some really lovely stuff though, and some great kits and scrap packs.

I was in awe in Kinokuniya the Japanese book store. I literally parked myself on the floor in the kid’s section and looked at a pile of sewing books and tried to narrow it down. I headed to the cash with 2 choices but then realized they have magazines upstairs. But I resisted.

I snuck in some clothes shopping for myself, I got this cute collared shirt at Forever 21 since we don’t have that store in Canada. I also hit Old Navy, and got teased by my hubby for it since we have one moments away from our house, but $5 t-shirts how could I resist those deals!

I’m still recovering from the 13 or so hours of walking I did on Saturday, I honestly did not stop. I promise to share some of the great things I learned, more stories and new people I met.

I’ll be sharing the love this week

I have a bunch of things photographed and tons of posts to write. I decided to share some thing by sharing some link love this week. So the next 5 days will be spent doing just that.

To kick it all off here’s a glimpse at some of the great accessories I’ve been accumulating recently. I’ve suddenly fallen in love with brooches and pendants and I’ve acquired a nice collection.

I made these 2, I’m particularly proud of the deer one. I bought a clearance pendant and yanked out the middle, the I cut a fun piece of fabric to fit inside. I glued it down with some Modge Podge, this seems to seal the fabric a bit, then I poured Dimensional Magic on top. DM is finicky, one moment it’s all nice and air bubble free, the next moment you look back and it’s like ninja bubbles have appeared. I tend to pour it in when I know I’m going to be sitting right there crafting so I can watch it. I seem to have about an 80% success rate with which pendants turn out, I’m happy this one worked out so beautifully.
The owl was a no brainer, I picked up all the pieces at Michael’s and just put it all together.

1. Garlic Paws from Denture Thief
2. Handmade gift from Amy
3. Cat eye glasses necklace by Isette
4. The Fox and the Tea Cup by Stephanie
5. In person at a craft sale, can’t find their Etsy shop right now
6. Mint Designs
7. Birthday gift from Tabatha bought from Beauty Spot.
8. Yellow Heart Art

Recent packages in my mailbox and more fabric swapping

My treasury worked! My hubby got me this, from here.

And these! Only they say ‘Tara’ and not ‘Stephanie blahblah’.

I also took advantage of a Heartsy deal and ordered some packaging supplies from this shop.

If you missed my fabric swap, or want to see scraps before you get them, my friend Tabatha is looking to part with some lovely pieces in return for some new to her fabric. I was with her when she bought most of these recently and it’s great stuff. Head over if you’re interested in taking a peek.