NYC loot

Cute notebooks, far too much washi tape, amazing fabrics and some silly cards.

This KOKKA fabric was $20/yard but I was smitten. I picked up 2 yards. No project in mind but I’ll find one I’m sure. Most likely a bag or tote . . . who am I kidding? I’ll make a bag or tote.

3 Responses to NYC loot

  1. That fabric is adorable. I’d want to put a bit of it up in an embroidery hoop or something on my wall – just so I could look at it every day!

    It’s always a good day at Purl Soho, isn’t it??

  2. Adorable! You know me…I like anything involving, surrounding or even gesturing at birds!

  3. epic loot! are you feeling better?

    gorgeous fabric, i still havent acquired any wasabi tape!one day!

    love the octotache!


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