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Kobo Mini

Currently I have the afternoons of day 2 and day 4 off. This really kinda means nothing to you unless you work in my school board but I can translate by telling you it means I have Tuesday and Friday afternoons off until January 15th. It’s kinda sweet. On Friday while everyone was getting their lunches ready I was heading out. “Are you going shopping!!?” Everyone asked. I was a bit puzzled “Nooo . . . why?”. Then I was bombarded with 4 women telling me how they were watching the clock until 3:10, how they had been in stores on their way to work and here I was with the whole afternoon off and I wasn’t even going to put it to good use.

I did have to run into the florist at the mall so I decided to wander into the book store. I have an ipad but I’ve debated an ereader for a while. It’s really hard to read at iPad outside in the sun, it was pretty much useless by the pool on our trip to Belize last Christmas. So the mini Kobo was $30 off and only $49. So I picked one up.

Of course I had to jazz it up once I got it home.

Washi tape I love you.
Also, I did a lot of Etsy shopping this weekend. A lot. Because, you know, you have to support handmade and all that . . yeah . . .

NYC loot

Cute notebooks, far too much washi tape, amazing fabrics and some silly cards.

This KOKKA fabric was $20/yard but I was smitten. I picked up 2 yards. No project in mind but I’ll find one I’m sure. Most likely a bag or tote . . . who am I kidding? I’ll make a bag or tote.

Washi swatches

One day I plan on doing that lovely thing where you cover all your laptop keys in fun bright patterned washi tape. But first I have to diversify my collection a bit. I’m hoping I’ll be able to find some in person in NYC so I turned the middle page of my little ‘ideas on the go’ notebook into a washi swatch spot.

Already my usual storage spot is overflowing, time for something else.

Organization eye candy

Thanks to Mollie mentioning Yozocraft I popped over and fell in love with most of the stuff there. Including this

My tapes are in a little tin bucket I got for $1.50. That holder is way prettier. Of course I’d need some more desk organization items to match it, like this

Oh and this too

Click the images to be whisked away to their shop.

Anyone else addicted to this stuff?

I think I’m a little late starting a collection of washi tape but better late than never!

It’s pretty stuff.  Now I’m just ironing out a use for it.  I’m afraid it will grow to the size of my fabric collection.  I vow to use my crafty supplies, otherwise what are they for!

Today we had a family swim morning at the community center down the street.  Then we came home and went into hibernation mode.  I had a nap, it was glorious.  This is the view out to my street.