Anyone else addicted to this stuff?

I think I’m a little late starting a collection of washi tape but better late than never!

It’s pretty stuff.  Now I’m just ironing out a use for it.  I’m afraid it will grow to the size of my fabric collection.  I vow to use my crafty supplies, otherwise what are they for!

Today we had a family swim morning at the community center down the street.  Then we came home and went into hibernation mode.  I had a nap, it was glorious.  This is the view out to my street.

7 Responses to Anyone else addicted to this stuff?

  1. This may be a “stupid” question (in quotes because I know no question is truly stupid ;) ) … but, where can one purchase washi tape?

    I’ve seen it being used in several different applications and would love to try it myself, but have not run across it.

    Thanks in advance!!


    shonijunk (at) yahoo (dot) com

  2. I’ve been buying it on Etsy. I have yet to run across it in person, which is sad.
    The majority of people selling it seem to be in Asia. I have seen a few US sellers but nothing Canadian yet.
    In hopes I do run into it in a store I stuck those pieces of the ones I have in my notebook!

  3. i am totally addicted to this stuff. i get a lot of mine from stores & online at – and the owner’s been sweet enough to offer my readers a discount of 10% when you enter TANGERINE at check out. love your blog!

  4. Ohhh didn’t know that!
    I’ll have to go have a peek. Even though I ordered 2 rolls yesterday :)

  5. Thank you for the ideas of where to get it!

    Happy crafting!

  6. Looks really cute .. what type of projects would you use it for ? scrapbooking? Pretty up lunch bags? … identify luggage ?

  7. I keep seeing it getting so many project ideas with washi tape!
    Alas, I’m currently on a “use what you have before you buy anything” kick, but after that I am definitely getting my hands on some of this tape!

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