DIY Spring door decor

I took our little snowman decoration down a while back, since we had a pathetic amount of snow this year, and realized over the weekend our door looked bare. Thinking of spring I put together this cute scrappy little door decor.

I gathered up some fabric scraps, fleece scraps, and some baker’s twine. I reused the dowel hangy thing from a pennant someone had made me year’s ago for my classroom door. It had my maiden name on it so I cut it off and kept the wood bit around knowing I’d find a way to use it.

I chose cool coloured fabrics and made sure the fleece was blue as well. I wanted it to look a little unfinished at times. I cut 2 pieces of fabric for each raindrop and 1 piece of fleece. Sandwiched them together and zig zag stitched the baker’s twine in place on each raindrop with my sewing machine.

It’s really pretty hanging on the door and it’s fun when the wind gently blows the raindrops around a bit.

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  1. How fun is that!! i have TONS of blue scraps, what a great way to use them up, though I don’t have fleece … I bet I could just do 4 layers of fabric maybe? Anyway thanks for sharing this fun craft!!


  2. Gorgeous! I love this idea.

  3. Oh my gosh! this is adorable! I’m always looking for ways to use up scraps. I’ll have to keep this in mind!
    You are seriously clever to think of sewing the thread onto the drop.

  4. Clever? It’s sort of lazy . . but I like ‘clever’ waaaay better!

  5. Ive collected a bunch of different blue scraps to do this. Very excited as its so pretty and “simple” so even I should be able to manage it :))
    Have a question thou, is there a reason why you have the twine on the outside not sandwiched between the drops?
    Els x

  6. I just wanted it to look a bit rustic. Initially I was going to stitch the raindrops right sides together and then turn them all right side out. But not only is that a lot of extra work, I decided I wanted it to be a bit rough around the edges. You can absolutely sandwich the twine between the layers. Or use yarn, or cut felt raindrops . . . I encourage everyone to make this project their own. I rarely stick to instuctions.

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