Budgeting with the zippered pouch system.

My hubby and I have been using Mint.com for our household budgeting, we keeping track of the money online.  But somehow we’re messing it up so we’re going to keep the cash at home.  Instead of boring paper envelopes I’ve decided to steal this idea and make some zippered pouches. I’ve made a lined & zippered pouch before but couldn’t seem to find the link again, so I just used a few I found after Googling for instructions/a tutorial.

I gathered up all my various scrap swap scraps and pieces together some fun colour combinations.

I just pieced them together stripe by stripe.

Then cut them down to the right size.

I cut some plain cotton for the strip of fabric to stamp the lettering on the front.

I used Staz-On I had at home and some $1.50 alphabet stamps I picked up in those impluse buy bins at Michael’s.

We left all our bill money in the bank so we can still pay those online and we have cash in our ‘envelopes’.

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  1. I LOVE this idea! They turned out so good!

  2. These pouches are adorable! Nice color coordination.

    I really like the idea of keeping your money this way, especially for receipts (I am terrible about keeping them intact!).

  3. Awesome! I like that much better than the paper envelopes! So cute! Are you going to sell them?

  4. Yeah, we’re hoping it works for us. We’re putting the receipts in this month just to see where the money is going and how often we’re popping out to the grocery store and such.

  5. The lady from the article was making them in a shop but has stopped.


    My pouch making skills aren’t that great. Not sure I’d sell them. Plus I’m stealing her idea so it’s not really cool. Perhaps I’ll send her an email and let her know people like the idea, she might want to re-activate her shop.

  6. I love, love, love this!! Will you please keep us updated on your progress? I would love to hear if this works for you. I’m thinking it could work for us too – but I’m seriously scared that I’d lose a pouch or two. Plus Georgia is freaking obsessed with zippered bags. She can smell them from a mile away and quickly opens them and scatters the contents throughout the house. Not helpful when you’re trying to buy a bottle at the LCBO and your funds are missing. Damn you child!

  7. Thanks for the link =) I didn’t really pay attention to the fact that it wasn’t your idea. Totally agree =)

  8. This is so cute! You should make these and sell them on Etsy. I’d definitely buy them! Mint.com drives me crazy so we’re not using it anymore.

  9. Oops, I should have read the comments before commenting. Sorry!

  10. I too use the envelope system and use paper. Taking cash to the store and gas station is so much easier! I think I’ll make these for myself. Thanks for the link on the tutorial.

  11. My parents used to do this with plain envelopes. The envelope system. I don’t know if I’ll ever recover :)


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  13. I’d love to buy some – I hope she starts selling again! Keep us postd :)

  14. Thanks for this! I was looking for a pattern and this is just perfect. Love that I can make a “manly” set for my husband to carry around for gas, etc. :)

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