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Honey, I overspent because . . .

we didn’t have these last few budgeting envelopes to complete our set! Now it’s all good!

It’s taken a few months but I finally finished the last few pouches we needed. So now they’re all fun and matchy instead of that ugly little kraft envelope from the bank.

In other news I’m getting really good at lined pouches. I’m also back at work today after the summer off . . . making money to fill these pouches!

Budgeting with the zippered pouch system.

My hubby and I have been using Mint.com for our household budgeting, we keeping track of the money online.  But somehow we’re messing it up so we’re going to keep the cash at home.  Instead of boring paper envelopes I’ve decided to steal this idea and make some zippered pouches. I’ve made a lined & zippered pouch before but couldn’t seem to find the link again, so I just used a few I found after Googling for instructions/a tutorial.

I gathered up all my various scrap swap scraps and pieces together some fun colour combinations.

I just pieced them together stripe by stripe.

Then cut them down to the right size.

I cut some plain cotton for the strip of fabric to stamp the lettering on the front.

I used Staz-On I had at home and some $1.50 alphabet stamps I picked up in those impluse buy bins at Michael’s.

We left all our bill money in the bank so we can still pay those online and we have cash in our ‘envelopes’.