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Pendants galore.

I’ve been trying different things to use scraps to make pendants. I haven’t had much success with finding a way that works but I think I have now.

I haven’t enjoyed attempting it with Modge Podge, often there’s bubbles no matter what I try so I was happy to find these pendant frames. Sadly I only bought 5. Time to reorder.

I’ll be sharing the love this week

I have a bunch of things photographed and tons of posts to write. I decided to share some thing by sharing some link love this week. So the next 5 days will be spent doing just that.

To kick it all off here’s a glimpse at some of the great accessories I’ve been accumulating recently. I’ve suddenly fallen in love with brooches and pendants and I’ve acquired a nice collection.

I made these 2, I’m particularly proud of the deer one. I bought a clearance pendant and yanked out the middle, the I cut a fun piece of fabric to fit inside. I glued it down with some Modge Podge, this seems to seal the fabric a bit, then I poured Dimensional Magic on top. DM is finicky, one moment it’s all nice and air bubble free, the next moment you look back and it’s like ninja bubbles have appeared. I tend to pour it in when I know I’m going to be sitting right there crafting so I can watch it. I seem to have about an 80% success rate with which pendants turn out, I’m happy this one worked out so beautifully.
The owl was a no brainer, I picked up all the pieces at Michael’s and just put it all together.

1. Garlic Paws from Denture Thief
2. Handmade gift from Amy
3. Cat eye glasses necklace by Isette
4. The Fox and the Tea Cup by Stephanie
5. In person at a craft sale, can’t find their Etsy shop right now
6. Mint Designs
7. Birthday gift from Tabatha bought from Beauty Spot.
8. Yellow Heart Art

Fabric scrap pendants

I’ve been coveting some things on Etsy recently, haven’t we all?, and I started to think “I can make that!”, again, haven’t we all. At Michael’s I found these pendants that come with little peel and stick domes.

I just positioned the domes over scraps of fabric and then cut them out with my tiny sharp embroidery scissors. Then I stuck that bit onto the pendant with some glue dots.

Then I got brave. I picked up some pendants on clearance and figured I’d try some Modge Podge Dimensional Magic. My friend Joanna has tried, and struggled with resin so I didn’t even want to try that. I figured Modge Podge would be easier to work with. There were bubbles but getting rid of them was super easy. The problem came from the liquid soaking into the fabrics and changing the colours. This elephant was from the very edge of a piece of Japanese fabric and I thought it would make a great pendant. This is an Instagram shot so the filter played with it a bit, but in normal lighting the ‘white’ area is almost identical to the grey of the elephant. It was disappointing.

So now I’m back to finding a liquidless way to do this since that works best with fabric. Has anyone done this before? Know any tips or tricks?