So I have a new wallet . . . .

and I’m going to use this thing until it falls to pieces in my hands! My goodness this was a crazy sewing project! Who’s idea was this!?!

Ok so I have to tell you I did have a great time sewing my wallet. I learned some new things, I found it ridiculously finicky at times and I don’t know if I’ll be making another one anytime soon but I’m really happy with the finished product.

It started with some fabric debating, at this point I actually thought I might make someone one for a gift as well. I decided on the fun fabric and set aside the more grown up one for later, yeah right. Now I have a few work in progress pics and my wallet is done so I’m a superstar as far as all that’s concerned. Where I totally suck is that I missed the chance to take some good photos of it today, my son’s birthday & party are tomorrow, and I was ridiculously busy today. Add to that the fact I took my class to the zoo all day yesterday and had a ‘Daddy was out’ night last night and I’m totally exhausted. Here’s a little flash ridden peek at what I did and I’ll post lovely pics ASAP.

I deviated from the pattern, as I usually do at some point, and added a magnetic snap and cute little button. I’m happy with it and it’s super adorable but boy was it challenging!! I’d love to see/hear about your experience with this pattern.

Here’s my next proposition and good news, it’s free! It’s a fun little coin purse tutorial, however I plan on using it as a wee portable sewing kit since I do a lot of crafting on the go. It’s the creation of the wonderful and inspiring Rashida Coleman-Hale

I think it will be a nice quick project and another bonus point is you can use up some of your scraps. So get sewing and I think over the weekend I’ll get a Flickr group up and running for this creative party I’m starting to run. I’ll also post much better pictures of my wallet. I promise.

6 Responses to So I have a new wallet . . . .

  1. Downloaded your BlogPlanner pages. Simple, works, wonderful!

  2. I love them all! :) I peeked over to the etsy site for the pattern, and it does look like an awful lot of pockets! But very neat! I’m tempted to give it a try .. mmm … maybe .. :) The little coin purse is kewl too. Looks much simpler!

  3. Too cute!! ahh! :)

  4. Very cute hedgies

  5. Wow, you did a lot better than I did. Trying to sew the binding onto the inner wallet part nearly killed me! To avoid getting uber upset about the whole thing I decided to take a little break and convince my mom to help me with it when I go visit her next week :)
    Lovin the coin purse though, it looks simple enough!

  6. I totally meant to show all the nice pretty picture today but I went to bed last night instead of writing a post, bad me.
    I’ll set it all up when I get home today. I added 1/4 inch or so to the binding when I was cutting it, for the outside part, because I was worried after dealing with the pocket part about how tricky it was and if it was all going to cover my rough edges.

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