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Modcloth, I love you.

Ohhhhh this came for me today! It’s the
Bows Upon Bows Cardigan

I love it. Love, love, love it!

I had
Wave Reviews Cardigan
in my cart but took it out, but put it back, but took it out . . .

It’s even on sale now! Wishlisted it is.

I also ordered this, even though the only size left was a touch too big. It was on sale for a ridiculously low price, I just couldn’t pass it up!

Nothing a little work with a serger can’t fix.

I have a new love.

It’s ModCloth. My dress collection is expanding.

An Apple a Day Trip Dress in Plus Size

An Apple a Day Trip Dress in Plus Size

This one just arrived today. It’s ridiculously perfect, great print, it’s super soft and it happens to fit me perfectly.

Encircled in Sweetness Dress

Encircled in Sweetness Dress

I picked this one up a little while ago. I had it in my cart and everything but it sold out before I checked out. Then I waited for what seemed like forever, I assumed it was out of stock for good. Then one day I got the ‘Hey an item you want is back in stock!” email. I’m pretty sure a purchase was never made faster.

About the Artist Dress

About the Artist Dress

I’ve owned this one for months and months. The strange thing is I have a 3x in this dress and it’s snug while I have 1xs in the other dresses *shrug* So check the measurements, descriptions and reviews as they’re really helpful for helping you make the right size choice.

Because ModCloth has new stuff daily it’s really hard not to check it out constantly. Right now, after having lost over 40 pounds, I’m still in the 1x size but if I happen to drop down some more I’m in big trouble because then I’ll be able to fit into more of the things they sell, might be dangerous. That’s also why it’s probably best I don’t know how the shoes would fit . . .

My latest crush(ES)

Honestly, I’m in love. ModCloth rocks. Here are some of the new things I’m drooling over. The worst part, they get new stuff daily. It’s horrible.

Paws-itively Pals Dress
Sail With Me Dress
Slate of the Art Dress
Met Your March Coat